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Seat 4 Fix car seat is Chicco’s most versatile solution yet as a Group 0+/1/2/3 baby car seat, suitable from birth to 12 years with easy to fit Isofix connections and top tether in group 0+/1. In Group 0+, the 360º spin makes getting little one in and out of the car easier. The rearward facing position can be used up until 18kg/4 years. The Group 1 forward-facing position is suitable from 9kg-18kg. The adjustable headrest in the Group 2/3 solution (15kg-36kg) allows Seat 4 Fix to grow with little one and can be used with the car's three-point seatbelt.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amie: I would not recommend this seat to friends and fellow mums over other similar seats on the market. This is mainly because car safety is important to me, so I would always recommend seats that have had good scores on extra crash testing other than the standard required tests. I cannot find any data on how well the seat 4 fix performs. The seat does feel like a good safe seat and has added side impact protection to make it even safer. I also like that it rear faces to 18kg as this is the safest way to travel. Since the Chicco seat 4 fix is a group 0/1/2/3 seat, it can be used from birth to 36kg which does make it good value for money and very versatile. If I could find good crash test data for this seat, I would say it is a good option for someone looking for a seat that will take their child through all the stages. The ability to spin the seat towards you to get your child in and out when the car seat is in rear-facing mode is helpful. However, you can't spin the seat towards you when it is installed forward-facing due to the top tether which isn't an issue for me since I would always choose to rear face, but some parents might find this frustrating. I also find the top tether is trickier to install than a load leg, so I prefer seats with load legs.

Carly: This product makes life easier as a parent as the swivel function helps to lift baby in and out of the car without straining your back and also without banging babies head on the car! Once you get to grips with how the seat works the swivel function is quick and easy to use. My son is almost 2 and this was definitely his favourite part about the car seat!

Victoia: Having a car seat that is suitable for group 0-3 is just fantastic, it makes this product fabulous value and once you have invested it provides peace of mind knowing you don’t have to buy alternative seats as your child grows. It is also nice when you have children of different ages as you can get them both the same seat which looks much better in the car together. The rotating feature makes getting your child in and out so much easier.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Clare: it's great as a multistage Isofix car seat. my one and three-year-old were equally comfortable and happy when using the seat. The padding made for a soft and cosy fit and the inserts were easily removable for cleaning or to use for a different sized child using the seat. The covers can be popped in the washing machine which is great.

Lucy: Chicco is a trusted brand name which is important to me, the fact little one can be rear-facing for a good period of time is also really important to me - I think the price point is fair and I wouldn’t want to pay more than that for a seat. It’s robust and easy to fit and alter the seat to meet our changing needs

Beth: I wouldn't recommend this car seat. Whilst it looks promising, the first thing that any user will notice is how heavy the car seat is! It's like installing a spaceship into your car, so definitely not one for the family that wants to move car seats between cars regularly. Additionally having a top tether for the seat whilst it is rearward facing is incredibly cumbersome to navigate - you effectively end up weaving your child between the tether and the seat, and it additionally removes full accessibility to the seat belt etc. I really didn't like this. Additionally, whilst the padding and seat coverings seemed of good quality the cover to the strap between the legs for example was incredibly loose and difficult to keep on whilst doing up the seat belt - a total nightmare if you are trying to strap in a wriggly toddler for example. That pad would be lost on the first use for sure!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Natalie: The one thing that really stands out to me about the product is how comfortable and soft the material is. Other car seats I have viewed and used do not always that the same brilliant material which you always want with your little one. The swivel function and adapting seat as your little one grows are amazing functions also.

Charlotte: I would certainly put this as one of the better car seats I’ve seen. It was really well made and the materials were nice and soft which i think is important especially for younger babies. I liked how secure and bulky it felt. I liked the swivel bit and it reclined well. It was also easy to install and take out when needed.

Hayley: Yes I would definitely choose this product above all others on the market. I find it super easy to insert into my Nissan Qashqai. It's super easy putting your baby in and out with the 360 turning. I really feel this product should win because of all the incredible features it has. I love the colour and I Love how comfy is for my baby who seems to love it too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: If I could change one thing about the seat 4 fix I would like it to have a load leg rather than the top tether. I am much more used to using a load leg and find this much simpler than a top tether. I worry that my kids will grab and mess with the top tether while they are in the seat whereas they can't play with a load leg. I also worry that things I put in the boot of the car will interfere with the top tether and make it unsafe. A load leg also does not need to be readjusted when you change the seat from rear facing to forward facing whereas the top tether on the seat 4 fix does.

Jodie: If I could change one thing about this product it would be that I could remove the seat from the Isofix to carry my baby to the house or wherever I am going. Very often, (especially in this seat as it's so comfortable) my daughter will fall asleep, which means when I have reached my destination I either have to wait in the car or wake her up. Neither of which is convenient.

Vicky:  I think the design and comfort would be the area of focus. Around the top half of the seat looked uncomfortable and too big. I feel that something designed better would make me want to purchase this product. I also didn’t think the design was particularly stylish and I think it could be enhanced.

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