Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C car seat review

Weighing just 2.5kg, it's the lightest car seat on the market...

from Avionaut
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Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C review

by Jade Moscrop |
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Avionaut is a fairly new brand on the UK market, but its car seats are already making a splash in the industry. The Pixel PRO 2.0 C is the lightest car seat on the market at just 2.5kg, making it great for parents recovering from birth and also a breeze to carry around. But how easy is it to set up, and what are its safety credentials?

Keep reading to find out how Mother&Baby tester Jade got on with the Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C.

Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 Car SeatAvionaut


  • Ultra-lightweight at just 2.5kg
  • AGR certified
  • Easy to install
  • Unique insert designed in collaboration with physiotherapists
  • Meets current i-Size standards
  • Canopy is made of UV-filtered fabric
  • Additional side protection
  • Cloud Care System for additional comfort and safety
  • Can be installed with a separate base or seatbelt
  • Available in seven colours
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning


  • Doesn't have a 360-swivel base
  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
Suitable from:From birth to 13kg / 40-86cm

Testing the Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C

My baby hasn't actually exited the womb yet, so I'll be updating this review in due course. For now, I'll be talking about how easy the Pixel PRO 2.0 C is to fit, overall first impressions, quality and design.

The biggest selling feature of this car seat is its weight, and it really is ultra-lightweight. Straight out of the box, I was gob-smacked at just how light it is. Ideal for solo trips or to make everyday life easier, the Pixel PRO 2.0 C weighs just 2.5kg - a fraction of others on the market.

Avionaut Pixel Pro review - car seat
©Jade Moscrop/Mother & Baby

The build quality is great; all of the materials and padding feel well-made, and the mint colourway is utterly delightful - so far, so good.

The base is heavy (especially compared to the featherweight car seat), but it easily slots into the Isofix fixing points in my car and has a nifty light and sound signal to let you know if it's installed properly. It couldn't be simpler to line up the seat, click it into place and check the indicator. Unlatching the seat is also simple, thanks to the chunky grey lever at the front.

Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C review - base
©Jade Moscrop/Mother & Baby

You can install this car seat using a seatbelt, which is simple, but I much prefer to click it into the base rather than faffing with the seatbelt each time. Regardless, it's great to have both options available.

The clever modular insert allows you to get the perfect fit for your growing child. It has been developed in partnership with physiotherapists to allow proper positioning, spinal support, ease of breathing and to minimise the risk of reflux. For newborns, the insert keeps the chin off the baby's chest, allowing the head, neck and spine to be perfectly aligned. Avionaut recommends using all elements of the insert and then removing sections as your baby grows.

Avionaut cloud care system
©Jade Moscrop/Mother & Baby

The insert is made from soft memory foam (Avionaut calls this its Cloud Care system), which is not only comfortable and supportive but can absorb some of the force in the event of a collision. Thanks to this thoughtful design, the car seat was awarded an AGR certificate (the German Back Health Association), which confirms that a child's spine is perfectly supported when travelling in the Pixel PRO 2.0 C.

You can also attach a bumper to the side of the car seat, which provides an additional layer of protection in case of a crash.

Avionaut bumper
©Jade Moscrop/Mother & Baby

Final verdict

If you're searching for a lightweight car seat to really make life easier, the Pixel PRO 2.0 C is a great option. It's simple to fit using the Isofix base or with a seatbelt and is made from high-quality materials for baby's comfort and safety. Its modular inserts will provide a comfortable, adaptable, supportive nest for your child, and the fact that it's recognised as spine-safe, even for newborns, is a huge plus.

It is on the more expensive side, considering it will only last until your child is around 18 months old (13kg/86cm), but the price reflects the quality. If you're searching for a cheaper alternative, the Avionaut Cosmo is similar but a less premium option. It also weighs slightly more, at 3.2kg. I'd also love to see a 360-swivel base to make life even easier.

While I have no doubt this car seat is excellent when in use, I've held back one star in my rating as I haven't been able to test it with a newborn in it yet. Updates to come.

Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C FAQs

Is the Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C compatible with prams?

The Pixel PRO 2.0 C is compatible with a range of prams, including options from Mamas&Papas, Bugaboo, Thule, Silver Cross and more. A full list is available on the brand's website. If in doubt, we'd recommend contacting the brand directly.

What is the Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C's safety rating?

The Pixel PRO 2.0 C car seat meets the i-Size (ECE-R129) safety standard and has also been recommended and certified by AGR, the German Back Health Association.

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