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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea is a great bath book to entertain your little one at bath time. Help Bubba count his friends and make the noises as he spies the monkeys, ducks and penguins. Helping toddlers at the beginning of their reading and counting journey - with easy to recognise animals, simple counting and early phonics in the form of noises.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Catherine: It's very well priced and very hard wearing. I would recommend it because my little girl is a massive fan. She even takes it out for the bath and plays with it around the home. She loves the bright colours and will point out the pictures and numbers so we can go through it together. It's a great all round toy.

Lucinda: It's made out of a totally waterproof material, which dries quickly and has soft, rounded corners, so there are no sharp edges to catch your baby's skin. There are ten pages with an underwater animal theme, but there are numbers on each page too, so it will have an educational element for when they get a little older.

Julie: The book seems well designed for use in the bath - quick drying, waterproof with a lovely array of underwater characters. The sea theme fits in nicely with bath time and my little boy loves pointing out the cute animals - seahorses, dolphins and other sea creatures. The book is small enough to pack for holidays which is a bonus.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jackie: This product makes it easier for mums as it is a good distraction while washing your child's hair and body. It's good for reading along to the little one and getting them to sound out the words and pictures. It's the right size and thickness and well designed for floating in water well. Easy to clean as well.

Hannah: This little book has been a great addition to our bath time routine. My little one is not a bath fan, to say the least. However, he's been so intrigued by the water babies bath time book, loves the pictures, it is easy for him to hold and it has been an amazing distraction while washing his hair.

Lauren: This product has made my life easier as a mum because it helps to settle my daughter before bed. Bath toys often made my daughter more awake and excited so I find myself bathing her without any which makes me feel like I'm depriving her. This book is a great alternative for a bath toy as she associates a book with winding down and relaxing. I can bathe my daughter with this book and put her to bed without any whining or fuss.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tracie: Most bath books that we’ve used previously are more suitable for younger babies. There are very few bath books on the market that are suitable for toddlers. This book actually has an interesting story that my little girl loves and it is helping her learn about animals and numbers. Unlike her other storybooks, it doesn’t matter if this one falls in the bath!

Emma: Yes I probably would, it was bright and attracted my son's attention straight away. He loves books and hated bath time but combining the two has made my life so much easier. The learning aspect behind it makes it more attractive as I like that it has educational values to it.

Dee: It is not the cheapest on the market however you get what you pay for. After using the book for four weeks it’s not lost any colour, it’s still bright as the day we got it and it’s been used at least three times a week. I feel confident with my 17-month-old using it because the quality of materials used.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine: I think the only thing I would change is possibly making the book longer. However, that is a very minor change and all in all I am very impressed with the product as is my little girl. I have a lot of bath toys and this is definitely one of her favourites and she chooses to play with it a lot.

Hannah: I don't have any changes to the product itself. It is a really lovely item which fulfils its purpose and is great for little hands too. I do think the product is a little overpriced but still a great product and I suppose you get what you pay for.

Julie: To improve the book I would have spent more on the design to make it a little more sophisticated. The images are quite cartoonish and lack the humour of some of the better children's books which are designed to appeal as much to parents as children. However, this did not bother my son who loved the pictures and counting the animals.

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