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The Gro Company Grotowel

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At a glance:

The Gro Company's super snuggly Grotowel will turn your baby's bathtimes around. The quick-drying, ultra-soft towel is perfect for drying off your little one after their bath, and it stays soft after many washes. You can pick your favourite character from Poppy the Penguin, Sophie the Sea Lion, Sam the Sea Lion and William the Walrus.

How did this product make your life easier?

Nadia: This product takes my baby from wet to dry in seconds. It is super soft and amazingly absorbent. The cute characters are a bonus and the size, as well as design with the hood and hands/feet, help dry my baby's fingers and toes. This towel is so soft it almost put my baby to sleep when I rubbed his back. Winner for bathtime and bedtime!

Elizabeth: The product is super absorbant and I can notice the difference in quality from the cheaper towels that I have. It, therefore, makes drying my little boy a lot quicker. The product dries really quickly after washing it which is a plus as I wash it every day and it is dry for that night. The towel is really wide and I can wrap my 8.5 months old up in it really well so he is nice and snug.

Rebecca Ellen: The Grotowel is a lovely design, with very cute and attractive features. Whilst my son is currently too young to truly appreciate the little feet, wings, and hood they provided his parents with amusement. I imagine for many parents they would be adorable for taking after bath pictures. I would imagine that for older children the details would be fun and exciting. The Grotowel is made from a high-quality material which means it has stayed soft and cuddly after many baths, several washes in the machine and a trip to the swimming pool. The Grotowel is highly absorbent so dries little ones quickly. The large, rectangular shape means that is is easy to wrap baby up cosily and the towel will last for some time as it is big enough for older babies to still be snuggled inside.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Angela: I would 100% recommend this product to other mums. My son smiles when he sees the penguin and instantly knows its the end of bath time. It has the fun factor with the penguin head on the hood and the little penguin feet at the bottom of the towel. It folds nicely and really easy to use. It doesn't just wrap around my son once but twice.

Annika: This is by far the best towel for 6-48 months olds I have ever come across. The design is just perfect and it is the first towel my 3-year-old girl can use to get dry without the help of a grownup. The hood enables her to secure the towel so she can then wrap the fabric around her body and get warm and dry in a very short amount of time. Not only do we love the ease of use, but we also love the design. The attention to detail is just fantastic and we love the little flippers and feet and have had many funny moments of the play when my girl was pretending to be a penguin waddling around the bathroom. It is a very well thought through and lovely product with a great design and there is nothing to fault about it.

Charlotte: They come on different characters (we had a penguin one) so I'm sure this could inject some fun into bathtime. It is large in size and should last baby until they reach the age of 4 which is good compared to other baby towels which they grow out of quickly. The towel dries quickly, never smells damp and washes well.

Would you choose this product to win?

Stephanie: Again, it's great quality and saves you from having to buy new towels constantly. On the basis of quality I think it should win, and on the basis of the design. However, to buy this at RRP is exceptionally expensive for a towel, mums who are strapped for cash just wouldn't be able to afford this and would have to pick something lower quality.

Wendy: The only reason I would think twice about buying this towel is the price. I wouldn’t spend £25 on a towel, however, it would be a perfect present for a baby or a special gift to receive. I would choose it over others on the market due to its well-thought-out design tailored to baby’s bath time needs. I particularly liked the lightness and how quickly it dried baby without the baby being in a wet towel. After bath time it dried quickly too. I’m not aware of a baby-specific product that currently offers this.

Laura: I think this is a fantastic product. The designs are lovely, it is quick-drying and it will grow with my child. There is a perfect balance of practicality and beautiful design. The downsides would be the environmental impact of microfibre and the cost (£25 for a children’s towel is pretty pricey!). Personally I would not be able to justify buying this for my child, but I would love to receive/ give it as a gift.

What changes would you make to this product?

Angela: I am very happy with the product and wouldn't really change a thing. If I had to find anything to critique I would say the hood is a little big. The towel says it is for 0 - 48 months and for a hood to fit those ages I appreciate it has to be large. I personally don't use the hood but I don't with other towels where the hood would fit. It is also on the expensive side for a towel. It can be £15 more than others in shops and whilst I do love this product I wouldn't purchase more than one because of the cost.

Nadia: I wouldn’t change a thing about this product. The design is great, it dries quickly, the generous size is fantastic. It genuinely improves bathtime and bedtime in my baby. When our time together is so precious it really makes a difference having a content baby to put to bed. Thank you so much Grotowel!

Elizabeth: The product ideally needs to be longer. My little boy struggles to wear the hood and dry his toes. If it was longer I think it would improve the product a lot more and for taller children, it would be a lot more helpful. A hook on the towel would also improve the product allowing the towel to be hung on the back of the door.

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