Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer review

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Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer

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Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer at a glance:

The Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Baby Thermometer is designed to quickly and accurately let you know when the water is just the right temperature for baby, taking the stress out of baby's bathtime.

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Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Alice: This is the thermometer to buy if you prefer to keep your house stylish and uncluttered. And “baby stuff” free. The design is simple and stylish and does not look out of place in a modern bathroom. The product is really easy to use with a simple shake to wake design, which is really useful when you have a toddler keen on climbing into the bath whilst it is still running! I really like how the product had a multicolored light that lights up a heart which indicates whether the bath is not only too hot or too cold, but whether it is fine, but a little cold, perfect etc. This is great if you don’t want to be trying to interpret numbers on a thermometer…tired parent proof!

Brid: The Shnuggle pebbly Bath Thermometer is a highly innovative product. It is designed to give you an accurate and fast reading. The design eliminates the need for numbers, as the heart design simply lights up when the bathwater is the perfect temperature. As a parent, it is highly likely that you will be holding your baby in arms, so I love how you shake the pebble, and place in the bath, it automatically self corrects and it has an easy to read display.

Elena: The Shnuggle Pebbly Bath thermometer is simple yet effective, compared to other thermometers as you just pop it into the bath once it is run and the simple indicator guides you to the perfect bath temperature for baby. This differs from other thermometers on the market because it is stylish and fits in with the natural bathroom environment, having a contemporary design is appealing as well as it looks nice in the bathroom and doesn’t always need hiding away, therefore it is easily accessed when preparing the bath. I like the fact this thermometer doesn’t look or act like a bath toy, some thermometers look like toys but this isn’t left in the bath for playtime which keeps both the child and product safe.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Alice: Up until trying this bath thermometer, we had been using the elbow test method. Although we had been happy with this, we sometimes had to use the other parent to double-check if we thought it was acceptable but maybe a bit warm, or if we had double dipped, therefore having a warmed up elbow. I was starting to doubt this method as I didn’t want to scald my child. The thermometer gives me the peace of mind that the bath is the right temperature, even if my husband is out. My child also likes taking the temperature with the pebble and now wants to see the lights change before he climbs into the bath.

Richard: It gives you more time to spend with your baby as you are spending less time worrying/guessing the right temperature of the water. Every second counts and can be the difference between a calm relaxing bath time and a horrible screaming nightmare of an experience. This in itself changes your life as you get more time with your baby and it is a happier and calmer time you can enjoy. As parents, we all know how beneficial that time can be.

Brid: The design of this product eliminates the stress associated with bath time- as no one wants to accidentally scald their little one. It is incredibly fast and accurate in its use. The pebble itself floats in the water and, self corrects its position when in the water making reading the display easy, fast and stress free. The light-up heart display is ingenious and simple in its function-it quickly lights up and accurately indicates whether the water is too hot, too cold or just right.

What excites you about this product?

Alice: The best part of this product is its seamless simplicity in the design and the fact that it’s doesn’t look like another bit of baby plastic lying around the house. The silicone surface is warm to touch and is interesting for tots to interact with- shaking to wake in the bath. I like how this product has inadvertently taught my 18-month-old how to wait! I love that the bottom can be unscrewed to change the battery, making this less damaging to the environment than some which cannot be refreshed.

Brid: What excited me most about this product is that I will be able to trust my husband with bathing my babies. Fundamentally, it is easy to use, with a simple shake it comes to life with its automatic on and off feature with an extremely easy to read display. Also It is a beautiful looking product.

Elena: This product is a digital bath thermometer which therefore means the batteries will need changing after a period of time however Shnuggle have catered to this and the Pebbly has a handy auto on and off mode. The on and off mode is also great as there is no need to remember to turn the Pebbly off after use which is great when all your attention is on your baby. Compared to other digital thermometers on the market it is also great value, most digital thermometers are over £20 therefore this is good value for money. The Pebbly has bright LED lights which means it can be seen through the bubbles in the water and is clear and easy to read, some thermometers float under the water of the temperature is on the side, I feel these would be harder to read and therefore you could misread the temperature and put your baby in a bath that is too hot.

What one thing would you change about this product?

Alice: My child loves this pebble so much that he has managed to pull apart some of the silicone away from the hard battery enclosure area. This is my fault and it has not exposed the battery, however, I am now more wary of letting my tot interact with the pebble. I guess that if the product was made from a different outer material, it might be less appealing in this way to a child.

Brid: This is the perfect product and I am incredibly impressed at the length that its designer(s) went in perfecting this product. I just love the auto on and off to save battery, but the highlight of this product for me is that you throw the pebble into the bath and it floats and automatically self corrects its position in the water.

Richard: Overall I think the product is excellent for the purpose it was designed for and could not recommend any modification to make it better. The one thing I will say is I am not sure on its life span as a thermometer before you learn the right temperature for your own baby and relegate it to another random bath toy. However, even then you could always use it as a toy for your baby to find.

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