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The Shnuggle Baby Bath at a glance:

Looking for a suitable baby bath support? Designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents, the Schnuggle baby bath has a clever bum bump which helps support even the tiniest baby in the bath. Sitting them in an upright position, it offers babies a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime as well as giving parents confidence to handle their newborn baby at bathtime. Updated to include a handy plug. Bum Bump helps to prevent baby sliding in the water. Foam backrest for added comfortHandy plug to empty or refresh water. Creates a more upright and comfy position for baby. Compact size keeping water warmer for longerMinimum of 2 litres of water needed. BPA Free.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jazzmin Francis says: This bath is amazing, we went from just laying out baby in the bath to having her sat up in the snuggle bath and she loves it, using less water for a way better experience, she can now sit up in the bath and play with toys making bath time way more enjoyable for all and also twice as quick if need be.

Catherine Lovell says: It makes bath time so much easier. It uses less water than bath supports, so is quicker to fill and wastes less water and bubble bath etc. It has a really supportive seat inside, so baby is comfortable and sat upright and free to splash about. Both of my hands are free to wash and play with my baby, which is great. The shape of the tub gives it a good depth, so baby gets a good soak!

Adele Marchant says: There is no assembly required to use the Shnuggle baby bath, which saves a lot of time (something we all need as new parents). The base is small enough to be used in the sink, so is convienient to fill up, and the added plug feature means it is super easy to drain the water away. The bum bump helps keep your baby in a more upright position, and prevents them from sliding down.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Toni Perrett says: It's a really nice, sturdy bath which is moulded so that baby can sit up with her legs supported by the bump in the base. It's got a silicone back so that baby doesn't slip but is still gentle and their skin doesn't get stuck to the back of the bath. It's water saving, and has a small footprint so that it takes up much less room/cupboard space than our previous baby bath.

Danielle Smith says: I would absolutely recommend this to other mums. My baby looked comfortable sitting in the bath and the bum bump helped her to stay in that position throughout her bath time. The design of the Shnuggle bath has been thoroughly thought about to help babies (and mums) feel safe and secure during bath time. The water level shows you where to fill the water to and gives you the confidence that your baby will remain warm throughout bath time.The plug is a handy extra feature that allows you to empty the bath relatively easily without having to carry a bath full of water - ideal for those who have had a c section or struggle with after birth pains. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

Claire Spence says: It's so compact and doesn't take up a huge amount of room. When you have a baby all of a sudden you have so much stuff everywhere! I also found it really quick and easy to clean, which is important when you are worried about keeping everything clean for a newborn but you haven't got a lot of spare time.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy Turton says: Quite simply, yes. I would definitely choose this product and I wish I knew the benefits of it before buying in different bath seats and other products to try my daughter in. She would have been so much happier from the beginning instead of getting really upset at bath time for the first 4-5 months of her life.

Rebecca Vine says: I would choose this over other products on the market as all round it is a rilaitn designed product. My little boy loves it and can sit up right and toy can use it from birth and has plenty of growing room so it's good value for money. I like how theybare sat up right rather than laid back. You don't need a bath to put it in and can be easily transported and stored away.

Jessica Williams says: I wouldn't choose the Shnuggle over other baby baths. I think the concept of the no slip back and the bump on the bottom is great, but in reality is didn't prevent out son from slipping down at all, which is a pretty big usability flaw. While I think the more upright angles of the tub, it is easier to overfill than others as well. Given the fact that it is so upright and the "no-slip" back and bump on the bottom of the tub didn't prevent my son from sliding down, I wouldn't want to recommend this to parents of newborns.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine Lovell says: Although the size and shape give many benefits, it does mean that the bath tub is pretty bulky and difficult to store. I live in a small flat and have previously used a bath support which I hung on the wall to save space. Having said that, it is smaller than some other tubs and I wonder if baby would outgrow it quicker.

Toni Perrett says: I'm told by the Chief Bathtime Organiser (Dad) that the plug can be rather fiddly and that it can sometimes be difficult to push in. It's only my husband that has trouble with this so it may just be a big clumsy hand problem! The other thing I would say it is quite expensive for a piece of moulded plastic. It is a comparible price to others on the market. But my other bath which was the same price came with a couple of water cups so perhaps that's why I'm being harsh!

Claire Spence says: We felt that the grips on the bottom weren't sturdy enough and should have been bigger. We tend to put this bath in our bigger bath to save carrying it full of water, due to the weight and risk of making a mess. The grips on the bottom should be strong enough to ensure it balances well on all surfaces.

Product Information

There is a guide within the bath to show the amount of water to be added.

The bath can be used in a sink, bath or on the floor.

A stand is available at extra cost as an accessory which is tall enough for parents to bathe baby comfortably.

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