Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys

Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys review

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Bathtime is a great time for bonding with your baby and toddler and finding the best bath toys can help this. Colour Buddies are child-friendly bath bombs from Munchkin made with natural skin-loving ingredients, from Vitamin E to shea butter, to help moisturise your child's skin (while having plenty of fun). Drop the bath bomb into your dispenser of choice, then fasten the safety cap, pop in the water and watch as colours fizzle out. You get 20 bath bombs and two toy dispensers, so they'll be plenty of bath time fun. Awarded Gold for Best Bathtime Product in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards, find out what our parent testers thought when their children tested these out.

Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & 2 Dispenser Toys
Price: £10.75

Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys overview


• Non-toxic, non-staining, and easy to clean

• Affordable

• Children learn about colours


• No other dispenser animal options (only a fish and whale)

Testing the Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys

All our parent testers children enjoyed splashing about in the tub with these toys and seeing the colours swirl about. "My son absolutely adored the different colours of the bath bombs and the way they came out of the dispensers," says mum tester Deborah. "His favourite part was picking two colours and seeing what they mixed into. I'd found that with other bath bombs they stained, but these didn’t stain him or our bath. They are sensitive skin friendly for our little one as his skin can be a bit finicky. We had so much fun and bathtime has gone from 10 minutes to 30 minutes because of them. Definitely a bath time staple now."

Mum tester Rosie agreed they were a big hit with her child too. "My little one loves playing in the colours and with the fun little whale and fish," she says. "It’s made bath time a lot more fun and enjoyable for me and my little one. Really great product and I would recommend this as a gift for a little water baby or lovely way to enrich bath time."

Mum Laura also thought they were great. "I love everything about this produce, the initial look of it in the packaging is appealing and colourful, it is very well presented and exciting for children being able to choose the different colours," she says. "The product itself it very easy to use. It was enjoyable for my daughter to watch the bath bomb disperse in the water, watching the little toy move around with a trail of colour following behind, changing the colour of the water. The little toys are very easy to clean. The bath bombs were very gentle on her skin, she has sensitive skin and these never caused any issues. They also don’t stain."

So what were the downfalls with this product? Is there anything our testers said they would change?

Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys gold

"The only thing I would probably change would be to maybe have another character so there is more than two, but other than that, everything is fantastic," says Chloe. "The colours are good the little case they sit in is great. The smell is good the colour once in bath is very good. And it’s great for all ages too."

For mum tester Esme she said she'd like more refills, while mum Fiona mentioned that the packaging was a little fiddly to open. However, for mum tester Laura, she was happy: "There isn’t anything I would change about this product," she says. "It is well designed and very easy to use. The plastic toys that the bath bombs are inverted into are easy to clean. The bath bombs don’t stain or leave any mess/residue. It is very fun and exciting for children and with different colours to choose from and makes bathtime different and enjoyable each night. Would highly recommend."

Final thoughts

It seems if you struggle with bathtime or you're looking for ways to make it more exciting for your little one, then the Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bombs & Dispenser Toys could just be what you're looking for. Fun, skin-friendly, educational and not costing the earth, there isn't really much more you could ask for from a bath toy.

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