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Johnson’s Cottontouch

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Johnson's Cottontouch 2 -in-1 Bath & Wash at a glance:

Gentle enough for the earliest days of life, our Cottontouch™ products are ultra-light and perfectly pH balanced to gently care for newborn's delicate, fresh to the world, skin. Up to 30% thinner than adult skin, newborn skin requires ultra-gentle and delicate care. That's why each product within this innovative new range has been blended with real cotton and carefully selected mild ingredients, and also free from dyes, parabens, and sulphates, to bring parents products that are as gentle as they want the world to be.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Margaret Bain says: Johnson's cottontouch bath and wash is a lovely product. This bathwash is hypoallergenic and ph balanced so suitable for newborn skin. I have been using this product on both my girls. It washes so well and is easily rinsed off the skin. It is really gentle on there skin and smells lovely. I also like the pump dispenser, means you only use the right amount.

Rebecca Kearins says: This product has definitely been designed for the mums benefit which I love! You wants to enjoy baby bath time so this quick and easy to use pump idea is fantastic and cuts out all the fumbling about with bottle lids etc! I use this also as a bubble bath for my baby and she just loves it and I love the cotton fresh smell!

Alexandra Oguns says: Knowing this product is available from the Johnson’s range, has helped to revise my previous opinions of the brand and has also been added to the list of products that I am able to use on my children’s skin without expecting horrid reactions. It makes my life just that little bit easier as I am able to use one product for my children and even myself. This means a lot as one of my sons has sensitive skin whereas the other does not.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Bethan Warwick says: I would recommend this to fellow mums as I found the product easy to use, with a lockable twist top pump dispenser which can be used with one hand. It also manages to smell really lovely, whilst being very gentle on baby’s skin. I also like that it is just one product that can be used as bubble bath and body wash, which makes the value for money slightly better.

Maria Watkins says: I would recommend this 2-in-1 bath and wash as my newborn had very dry skin and this product feels so moisturising immediately. Baby oil has not helped her dry skin but as soon as I started using this product it cleared up straight away. I love that this product is not coloured and the smell is gentle and fresh. In fact I love the natural smell as I don't like perfumed smelling products.

Victoria Willey says: The scent of this bubble bath is really nice and fresh smelling/ baby scented so I’d recommend it for that. I like the good sturdy bottle design too with pump action that makes it easy to use and tidy and harder for my 18 month old to squirt it everywhere when I’m not looking which is definitely a plus point!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ellie Wolf says: I would definitely choose this product over others on the market because it's a decent sized bottle and is great that its a 2 in 1 product. Other brands on the market are a few pounds for just the bubble bath or just the wash so it is more cost effective to buy this way. If this product was on offer in the shop it would be even more appealing and a really good bargain to stock up on. It's a nice touch that it has the cotton element, because it sets the product apart from others on the market. It makes the product seem better value for money because it's got more to it ingredient wise and more has gone into the thought and design of the product.

Margaret Bain says: I would use the Johnson's cottontouch bath wash again. I have used quite a few different bath products with my 2 year old. I do like this bath product, however i don't feel i would always choose it over other bath products i use. You do get a lot of bath wash for your money and it will last for sometime.

Rebecca Kearins says: I would definitely choose this product and one of the main reasons being it is so gentle on my baby’s skin, her dad and other family members suffer from eczema and other skin related issues and I feel safe and comfortable using this product Due to it being so naturally made. The feel and smell of the liquid it’s self is just enough to make me want to buy it for myself never mind my baby! So it being gentle to her skin makes all the difference.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra Oguns says: It is hard to think of what could be changed about this product for me. Most of my go-to products for my children, tend to be super moisturising to prevent any dermatological issues. I love the soft feel nature of the product but would love it to include some deeply nourishing properties that help the skin to feel quite hydrated even after washing, requiring minimal lotion afterward.

Bethan Warwick says: Overall I feel the product has been well thought out with an easy to use pump function which locks, ability to provide the multiple uses of bubble bath and top-to-toe baby wash, and smells really nice! I think one thing that could improve the bottle would be some non-slip dots on the base of the bottle - since it’s designed to be used with one hand, it has slipped from the side of the bath a couple of times and this would prevent that from happening.

Maria Watkins says: I really love this product, I do love the smell but as a product that is specifically aimed at sensitive skin I would have expected it to be unperfumed. This is the only improvement I can think of and I am being very picky as I cannot think of anything else to pick up on that is negative about this product.

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