ClevaMama Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel review

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ClevaMama Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Make your bathtimes with your baby that more enjoyable with the Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel from ClevaMama. This super-soft, extra-large bath towel is worn by you which you can then wrap around your little one to get them dry and warm. This clever design ensures that your hands are free while holding your baby.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennifer: The Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel is large enough to not only protect me from some of the splashing while my children are in the bath, when worn as an apron, but also fits around my 1 year old with the hood on with room to spare which means it's much better than any other hooded towel I’ve used before.

Margaret: The ClevaMama bamboo apron bath towel is a lovely product. My 20 month old loves to splash in the bath. Now I can wear this towel as an apron, I am not completely soaked at the end of bath time. This bath towel is large which means my little one is completely covered and cosy when coming out of the bath.

Brigitta: This towel is the best towel out of all I have been used in my life. The material is great, soft and absorbs water perfectly. The design helps me to lift my little boy out from the bath with no problem, and straight away I can cover him with the towel so he stays warm and gets dry quickly. We usually do bath time together with my partner, so he lifts Aron (2 years old) out from the bath and passes him to me, but now I am confident enough doing everything alone if I have to. My partner thinks the same, and he loves this towel too. Very very helpful, I just wish we had this towel already when our son was a newborn baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirsti: I would 100 percent recommend this product to other mums because it’s a great sized towel for baby! It’s big enough to cover all of your child and wrap them up in it to keep them warm, all the while keeping you completely dry! It’s amazing! The towel is super soft as well making it’s a lovely towel against my baby’s soft skin.

Amy: I would recommend this product to other mums, in actual fact after using this I recommended it to my friend who is expecting a baby as it is one of the softest towels I have for my little one. Even after washing it several times it is still as soft as it was when I received it. It is also so easy as it is an apron keeps your hands free yo pick l baby up.

Dani: I think I would recommend this product because even though the towel was very large it meant that children can grow into these towels rather than having to use other towels. I also think I would recommend it to a friend or a fellow mum because it’s such a comfortable towel which made our bath time so much quicker due to my little girl not worrying about the towel being itchy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennifer: I really like the large size of the Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel. It’s unusual for a hooded towel to last as long into childhood as this one as they are normally fairly small. It’s much softer too than any of my other cotton hooded towels which is great for me as I don’t have a tumble drier to soften them.

Sasha: This towel is much larger than other baby towels out on the market. The design of wearing it as an apron is very unique and I've not seen this anywhere else. I think the design is beautiful and it feels so soft and luxurious. I find when washing other towels that the design features fade or bobble but I've not found this to be the case with the penguin hood. Above all, it's the safety aspect that shines for me. No longer do I have to place my baby on the floor on a towel or rest a towel on my chest. I feel safer and more in control when giving my little girl a bath now.

Janine: Our baby is 14 months. She walking and doesn’t really like being carried the way you need to carry her for the towel to be helpful. So I think our child is probably not the type that would use this towel. Maybe when she was smaller it might have been more helpful. It is also really nicely packaged, I think this would make a lovely gift for a new baby.

What changes would you make to this product?

Margaret: I would not change a thing about this product. We use this towel every bath time. Compared to our other baby towels, the clevamama bamboo apron towel is still very soft. It can be used as an apron which keeps me or my husband dry during bath time as our daughter is wild in the bath. The towel is a great size and keeps my little one cosy after bath time.

Brigitta: To be perfectly honest, I can not think anything I would change about this product at all. If I really have to say something, it would be this: I might put a strong Velcro on the back of it (not on the neck part but the ties around the waist), just so it is easier to undo when I want to take my son out from the towel.

Dani: If I could change one thing about the towel it would be the size, obviously you’d like a towel that is suitable to wrap around your child to ensure they’re covered but these towels, unfortunately, were so big, some bath times became a bit of a hassle due to the amount of towel. I also think £21 for a towel is a very expensive prize considering other towels in the market are a lot cheaper.

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