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Childs Farm's award-winning mild, super bubbly bubble bath for baby contains organic tangerine oil to calm and soothe, and vitamin E to gently moisturise; perfect for creating happy skin and calming baby bedtime routines. Containing naturally derived ingredients like glycerin to attract and lock moisture in the skin layer and deeply cleansing coconut foaming agents that not only clean skin but also create big bubbles that last longer! It's easy to see why this won silver in our Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Sleep Product category. Suitable for newborns and upwards. It's dermatologist and paediatrician approved as it's suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people whose skin may be prone to eczema. Registered with the Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic Tangerine product
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Overview of Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic Tangerine


Easy to open and close the bottle

Long-lasting bubbles

Kind on sensitive skin



Testing the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic Tangerine

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic Tangerine

With Tangerine in the name, it's no surprise that our parent testers loved the smell of this baby wash. They also found that it made so many bubbles which lasted the whole of bath time from even just the smallest amount.

One mum tester said, "We loved it! The smell is lovely and it produces so many bubbles which we both loved it makes bath time so much more fun for my child which makes him not want to get out of the bath he loves making the bubbles even with the smallest amount of product you still get loads of bubbles this product is so easy to use."

Another great feature our testers loved was the lid. It was super easy to open and close with one hand – a must when you're bathing a little one.

One tester commented, "I love the overall look of this product, the design on all of their products is really attractive and eye catching! The smell of the bubble bath is clean and simple and the bottles are designed very well so that it’s easy to squeeze in the bath even if you are running around after a tiny person before bedtime!"

A major factor when looking for bubble bath is having peace of mind that it will be kind on baby's skin, and not cause any irritation or dryness. Our testers found this product was great on sensitive skin, particularly parents of baby's suffering with eczema.

"I adore this product as a mother of a child who has eczema and really sensitive skin this product had worked wonders it not only leaves her skin smooth with no rashes or red patches but she can experience the joys of bubbles. I could never find a product growing up that could cope with my skin so I am over the moon my daughter gets to experience something so childlike."

Final thoughts

If you're on the hunt for a no nasties bedtime bubble bath, then this might be just the product you're searching for. Not only did our testers love the smell, they were also very impressed with how many bubbles were created and how much fun their tots had splashing around in the bath.

Other than the high price point, there's not a lot our testers would change about this product. Some mums commented that they would love to see this in miniature sizes for going on holiday.

Full product specs

Available in two different sizes with refills available 250ml 500ml refill 2.5l refill 5l

Bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable

Tangerine scent

Vegan and cruelty free

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