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Save yourself from bending down low to bathe your baby with a baby bath stand.

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Bathing your baby is a heartwarming and fun experience for both child and parent. It offers you a chance to play, interact and communicate with your baby, while also providing your little one with the relaxing and sensory feeling of being in the water. However, bathing your little one can be a source of discomfort for some parents as bending over the bath daily can take its toll on your back and shoulders. To save yourself the pain, why not consider buying a baby bath stand?

What are the benefits of a baby bath stand?

It is important to ensure that baby is within arm's reach when you're bathing them. Especially newborns as they can't support themselves. A bath stand will bring your child's tub to a more comfortable height so you can bathe them while you're in an upright position. You then won't need to kneel or hunch over to be able to reach your baby. You will be in a better position to keep them safe in the bath and to give them a good scrub and sponging down.

A stand for a baby bath will also give you more flexibility at bathtime, as the stand can be easily moved around your home. Your baby can then be bathed in the room that is most convenient to you, so you could set it up in the bathroom, the bedroom or even the living room - it's entirely up to you. This also means that you can easily take the stand with you when you need to travel or visit family.

If a bath with a stand sounds like something you need to introduce to your baby’s bath time, take a look at our top picks for the best baby bath stands.

Best baby bath stands

Best bathtub and stand set

This set includes a bathtub with an anti-slip matt, bath seat, draining tube and a stand. The stand is adjustable and foldable for easy storage.

Dimensions: 100 x 51.5 x 98-101cm

Weight: 8.6kg

Review: "I just love it! Met all expectations and looks really cool."

Best baby bath stand wit non-slip feet

This baby bath stand is designed to fit a 34inch tub. It has non-slip feet to ensure the stand doesn't move while bathing your little one.

Dimensions: 118 x 53 x 18cm

Weight: 3.2kg

Review: "I love how stable and nicely made the stand is. I would really recommend this product 👍🏻"

Best baby bath with tilt-resistant stand

This baby bath stand has a 4-point support that can be individually adjusted to your bathtub. It has two towel holders so your little one's towel is in easy reach.

Dimensions: 3.1kg

Weight: 2.6kg

Review: "Easy to set up and simply practical. The tub is at the right height for bathing babies and is above all stable."

Complete bathtime with these products:

Make bathtime with your child a whole experience with natural sponges, a cute hooded towel and bathtime bubbles.

You can also introduce a bathtime routine to keep your baby calm and the experience more enjoyable.

Pick the best time - make sure they're in a good mood.

Keep your bathroom warm.

Choose a good tub - a baby bath means there is less space for baby to get lost in.

Keep it simple and sing - wriggly babies can be hard to keep a handle on and if they get distressed keep them calm by singing!

Wrap them in a super soft towel to dry like a hooded bath towel below.

Pre-bed Baby massage - is a great way to bond, improve the condition of your baby’s skin and boost circulation.

Best bath time sponge
Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge
Price: $14.90
Alternative retailers
Walmart$11.59View offer
Target$11.99View offer

Super soft and ultra-absorbent - what more could you want from a baby bath sponge? This all-natural sea wool sponge is 100% biodegradable, making it great for the planet too.

Review: "Perfect for my little one. It doesn’t ever smell, and it’s super soft. I would 100% recommend, rather than a normal sponge from boots or the supermarket, which end up breaking up or becoming mouldy. Well worth the money!"

Best baby bath towel

We love the super cute panda design of this hooded bath towel. It is made from bamboo cotton so it will feel soft against your baby's delicate skin. The absorbent material will also ensure they are dry in no time.

Review: "Absolutely LOVE this towel. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a towel for my baby online as I couldn’t feel how soft it was. Honestly, I wouldn’t get any other towels for him now!! My baby is a large baby - he’s on the top line of the percentile. Regular towels don’t go around him nicely, but I have no worries about this one. It goes around him with loads of extra room!!"

Best baby bath mat

Best baby bubble bath

Johnson's Bedtime Bath has been specifically designed for delicate skin - making it great for babies. The brand's signature NO MORE TEARS formula is enriched with NaturalCalm essences, which will help your little one nod off after their bath.

Review: "Love Johnson’s products. This helps my baby calm down before bed. He smells so delicious after. I've been using this since my eldest was born 8 years ago, and I'm still crazy about this product."

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