The Gro Company Grofriends Light and Sound Sleep Aid review

from The Gro Company
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The Gro Company Grofriends Light and Sound Sleep Aid

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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The Grofriends Light and Sound adorable toys ensure a happy and peaceful night's sleep. Choose from Henry the Hedgehog, Bennie the Bear, Ollie the Owl or Percy the Penguin to be your little one's bedtime company. Their built-in sensors detect any noise your baby makes and comforts them in the night.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy: This product has made bedtime routines easier with my littlest one as he knows that when his Percy is on and "singing" that it is bedtime, it is so soft and comforting for my son as he likes to stroke Percy's feet as he tries to fight going to sleep. Percy also helps get my son to sleep in a different environment than he is used to such as he's grandparents' house as Percy is the source of comfort from home.

Alexandra: I have only had this product for a week now. We started using it straight away. I was so pleased with the feel and look of the product and also felt it was a quality item. It does exactly what it states on the box. It’s a nightlight that I felt gave off just the right amount of light to see my baby without it being to bright to disturb her. The sensor for the sounds if she moved to appear to be also just right. They only came on if the movement was more than just a gentle move that hadn’t woken her.

Jennie: The Grofriends light and sound sleep aid make my life easier as it calms and settles my baby. It is big so the baby can see the product clearly and it is simple to use. It has multiple sounds and volumes and a soft glow which baby liked to watch at night whilst drifting off to sleep The Grofriends light and sound sleep aid also attaches to your cot/crib or pushchair so it can't fall on your baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lisa: The Grofriend is soft, a good size, the light is warming and soothing and most importantly for me, the sounds are not overly annoying like with some soothers! It is easy to use, and even if you're a bit sleep deprived and cant remember which hand/foot does what, it takes just seconds to flick between the options. I used baby wipes to clean the item when my son sicked up on it and it came up clean, a quick squirt of anti-bac spray and I was happy for it to go back in his cot.

Steven: I would absolutely recommend this to a friend. Ollie has soothed our little one on numerous occasions and I would and have told friends that if their little one struggles then they should consider getting one. Ollie is so cuddly our little boy can't wait to get hold of him and stroke him. The music and lights work so well and with just a press of a paw/wing/claw or foot.

Jennie: I would recommend the Grofriends light and sound sleep aid to friends and fellow mums as I think it's a great product. There are various choices of design and it is simple to use. I think babies like everything about this product from it being a sleep aid to a cuddly friend to hold and play with as your baby grows. My toddler loved this product too!

Would you choose this product to win?

Steven: I believe it is the design of the product that makes it so attractive as well as the good name of Gro which means that I would choose this above others on the market. Also as I've previously mentioned the colours and material make it stand out from other products on the market that are made of hard plastic.

Alexandra: Now that I have tried it I certainly would. We tried a similar product that didn’t have the sensor on so you would have to fumble about finding the right sound for your child which means you're all awake by the time you have sorted it. With the sensor there is no worry about that. It just turns on your sound and activated by itself when baby wakes which is perfect.

Lucy: I like that the product can be taken anywhere, that it will last my son as he grows. Its function of self-soothing is very sensitive and whilst I know that’s good it's perhaps too sensitive. The glowing function is great for when my son is older to use as a night light but at the moment my son is five months and it keeps him awake when on. We love the design it’s very cute, so very soft material that it makes you want to hug it. Overall yes this should win for its durability to grow with the child, not something to be used for a few months but years to be a true source of comfort.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennie: I really like the Grofriends light and sound sleep aid, and although I like the fact its quite big maybe the size would be the one thing I would maybe change. If it was a little smaller I think it would be better but maybe that is just the design I have. I do think some of the other Grofriends are a little smaller.

Katie: I would have a phone app associated with the Grofriend to download, and also a Bluetooth feature like the myhummy. This would make it easier to use and more appealing to me. I appreciate this might increase the cost of the product but I think this would make it a more competitive choice against the myhummy.

Lisa: I do question the suitability of the product that is best placed INSIDE the cot to make a maximum impact - especially as GroCompany has made their name focusing on the safest elements of sleep. I would also like to see a wider range of animals incorporated into the range especially some jungle animals as this is more fitting with our decor.

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