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At a glance:

Boo the Bunny is a great starter for your little one's teething stage. Designed to be held by your little one's hands, Boo the Bunny is strong, flexible and comfortably soft to soothe your youngster's gums.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: This product makes my life easier as a mum as it successfully entertains my 4-5 month old for multiple periods of 5-10 minutes allowing me to put the washing out or make the beds! It is a sensible weight and size, has an interesting texture and an easily held handhold and is made from natural materials.

Alexa: The Boo the Bunny teething toy makes life easier as a mum because it is very easy for babies to grasp, with lots of textures on it for teething gums. My little one reaches for it a lot - she can hold it nicely. It is quite portable as it is very compact and flat. It is made from all-natural materials which is reassuring.

Hannah: The product keeps my little one entertained easily. It is small enough to take out of the house and is easy to keep clean so I don’t spend ages washing and sterilising a teething toy. It saves time on cooling teething toys that require to be kept chilled as it can be used without being placed in the fridge.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lianne: Boo the Bunny is an excellent shape for little hands to hold and grip. The rubbery feel is kind to gums whilst providing a firm but gentle surface for teethers to really bite into and pull, without any fear that parts of the product will break off. The different textures in the rubber also add to tactile sensory development. The product is easy to clean.

Rachel: I'd recommend this product because it covers all the areas when you think about buying a teething product. It's safe to use, easy to clean, nice to hold, not too heavy or big, and, not too small so there's no worrying about choking and the design is really cute. Having tried it myself, it definitely feels nice to gnaw on so I can see why it would make your sore gums feel better!

Katherine: I would recommend this product as a good teether for babies. It is the perfect shape to get all-around in their mouths and easy for babies to hold. I tried this teether initially around 6 months and my baby took to it easily. It is super easy to clean and no worry of water getting trapped inside and causing mould as it's made of one piece of rubber.

Would you choose this product to win?

Bethany: I like the ethos behind the product and it has different textures on different parts of the bunny ring for baby to explore. Some other teethers have more complex designs that aim to develop baby dexterity which I did not feel this product does, however, I do think it is value for money and the simpler design does make it easier to fit into bags to go out and about.

Paige: I would definitely choose this product over others as I am a big fan of natural products so this definitely ticks the right boxes. I love how it is eco-friendly and can be recycled whilst also being free from any nasty chemicals. Although it may not be as colourful as other products out there I still think the rabbit design is super cute and an ideal shape for babies to chew on. My son loved testing out different ways to chew this and would often switch between the ears, the tail and then the textured handle which all seemed to really help soothe him. I think the only downside is that to be able to take it with us out and about we would need to put it in a storage tub to keep it clean and free from fluff. As the material is so soft and flexible I was worried that it may break/tear after lots of use but I haven't noticed any sign of this at all and I am definitely pleasantly surprised at just amazing this little bunny is.

Imogen: The main reason I would choose this teether above others is the price and the fact it is made from natural rubber. Its visual appearance is generally underwhelming but it definitely wins on texture - the rubber is softer than some and I think feels more gentle on sore gums. The lack of artificial materials is also appealing.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexa: I feel that the Boo the Bunny teether is less visually appealing than other teethers out there. I suspect the one thing that I would change is the thing that can't be changed - the colour (as it is made from natural rubber). However, this does not affect function in any way, and my baby doesn't seem to mind. I just think this is something that I would overlook if I saw it in a shop/online - perhaps the packaging could be changed in some way to make it stand out more.

Hannah: I would add more different textures to the toy and probably make the handle slightly bigger as my baby couldn’t grab it for himself and it had to be placed in his hands as he couldn’t get his fingers around the bitterness of it. I would also make it in a variety of colours as it would appeal to babies more.

Sarah: I wouldn’t make any changes. As a teether it is excellent. Durable, easily cleaned, made from sustainable materials, cleverly designed and pleasant to chew on (having tried it myself!) I do prefer a teether that is also a toy but this teether design wouldn’t work for that role and doesn’t need to.

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