Pinolino Leonie Sandpit

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Pinolino Leonie Sandpit

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Suitable for use from 12 months old, this wooden sandpit is made from sustainable materials and has a height-adjustable sun canopy to give shelter from the sun.

It looks pretty and would make a stylish addition to any garden. There’s no cover, though, so it’s impractical to leave outdoors, and it’s tricky to move.

Tested by Leanne, 32, mum to Darcie, 18 months, and Harrison, five. She says:

The base took 20 minutes to assemble with an electric screwdriver, and the canopy was even more fiddly to put together. Given the price, I’m surprised there’s no cover to keep the sand dry.

There’s no base either, so the sand sits directly on the ground, meaning you can’t really move it. A cover and bottom would make this a top buy, but without them it's not.

Tested by Sarah, 33, mum to Emma, two, and Daniel, three, and expecting her third baby. She says:

Of all the sandpits requiring construction, this was the easiest to put together. The wood is sturdy, but untreated, so it might suffer in the elements.

I love the sun canopy – a great idea – but there’s no lid, so you can’t cover the sand overnight. And with no bottom, this just doesn’t work on our decking – the sand fell straight through and ended up underneath it!

Tested by Jayne, 37, mum to Lily, two, Oliver, nine, and Charlotte, 10. She says:

This is a very pretty sandpit with a stylish, stripy canopy, which looks beautiful in our garden. But it’s not very sturdy, which is disappointing, especially for the price.

The canopy offers great protection and adjusts easily, but a strong gust of wind almost took it off. The design would be great for a pre-walker, but it’s large, so plenty of space is required.

Product Information

L: 117cm
W: 117cm
H: 113cm

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