Look and Find…Number Jigsaw

from Orchard Toys

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Two number activity jigsaws in one box. After piecing together both the puzzles, children can use them together by matching the items shown on both to aid counting from 1-10, with a chunky piece for each number. This activity also helps to develop matching, discussion and observational skills, with collaboration between parent/adult and child. Children will love piecing together the colourful scene in this fun jigsaw puzzle, which helps make counting fun!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jaspreet: The product is brightly coloured, visually attractive and wipe-clean. The product is educational, it has two puzzles which encourage counting, manual dexterity by putting puzzles together and identifying animals and objects. The puzzle is compact, so it is transportable and easy to take with you. The product is very easy to use.

Laura: I like the external packaging and the fact that it has a handle as this makes it easy for my toddler to carry it herself. Orchard games are always good quality and this does not disappoint. I like that there is educational value to this product as it encourages counting as well as dexterity in completing the puzzle.

Louise: I would happily recommend this product. The colours are lovely, the textures are smooth and in terms of size, it is big but thin so a child can hold it without it being too heavy for them. The design is lovely and clearly a lot of thought has gone into making it. The hygiene is excellent as it’s incredibly easy to wipe clean.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy: This product helps explain the complexities of counting and explores the use of numbers in a fun, easy, stress free way. The use of the duel linked puzzles means I am able to bond with both of my children at the same time as they each see it a different way and are able to help each other out.

Christine: It has an attractive, colourful design and is easy to use. It can be used to start a variety of discussions such as counting, animals and transport. It comes in a handy box that can be used for storage. However, the box is much bigger than the pieces it contains so takes up more space than is necessary. The jigsaw pieces seem durable. I also really like the fact that it is made from 100% recycled materials.

Amy: We love Orchard Toys Puzzles as the kids can get them out themselves, set it up and understand the rules easily. They therefore get lots of use. I don’t have to engineer the play each time and the kids feel a sense of achievement knowing how to play it themselves. It is easy to clean too if needed.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tammy: I would definitely choose this product to win. It is a relaxed puzzle that my three-year-old will happily keep playing with and can do on his own or with others. I love the use of bright colours and it holds his attention. It has everything we need for him to keep practicing his numbers and speech, without it being too time consuming. The one thing that stood out to me is the attention to detail that has been put in to this. It’s fun, interactive and the puzzles can be played separately or together.

Jaspreet: The puzzle is bright and colourful so it is eye-catching to children. The puzzle pieces are wipe clean which is useful. This is an educational product which encourages counting skills, problems solving and manual dexterity. It is very enjoyable to do with the kids and encourages interaction in an educational environment.

Laura: Yes, I would choose to buy this product and would consider buying it is a present for other toddlers. I like the packaging and the fact that there is a handle is also appreciated by my daughter. I especially like the educational component and feel that Orchard have met the needs of the target age group well. There is enough detail in the puzzles to provide talking points and my daughter has selected this puzzle again and again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Louise: I wouldn't change anything. It is a well thought out and well made product. As a family we are extremely happy with our children playing with it. Once the eldest has grown out of playing with it, I would imagine the condition will remain very good the next child can enjoy the lovely games.

Amy: There is nothing I would change. However, it could be developed if there was more variety in the scenes. The ability to buy different level pieces to process along with your child. This could be done my making the pieces smaller, puzzle larger and more involved with different types of clues.

Christine: Make the box smaller so that it takes up less space when it is stored. Toys take up a lot of space and invade living space at home and although good storage solutions exist anything that can help make toys more compact is a bonus. This might also reduce the amount of resources needed to make the game.

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