My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set review

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My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set

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My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set at a glance:

The BRIO My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set offers so much for even the youngest train drivers. This wooden railway set includes 25 quality pieces enabling children to design a track, and then watch their train go! Simply push the arrow button on the engine to watch it move all by itself. The wagon with the spinning wheel makes it extra fun to watch the train pass by. With design details for frustration-free play, including turnable magnets designed to connect in any direction and guide ramps to enable younger children to easily line-up their train with the tracks.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jasmine: This product keeps my little one entertained but she uses it separately so she carries around the pieces and is obsessed with the train itself and how it moves. The item is very durable as my toddler throws it around and chomps on the wooden tracks at times and all have remained in tact and working well.

Sarah: I am not sure i would say this product makes my life easier but the boys were kept amused for a period of time and the battery operated train was the best part they used that all around the house without the actual track. It is a very simple track to put together so ease of play was simple and suited both ages of my children.

Claire: My First Railway is easy to set up and use. It didn't really hold the attention of my 2 year old for long but I think a younger child would enjoy it more. It understandably needed adult help to set it up. The train was easy for a toddler to turn on and off. However the track easily came apart when being played with which caused some frustration.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jade: I would recommend it because it is really easy to use, easy to get out and also to store away. My children sit nicely for a long time playing when usually they get bored of a toy within 5 minutes. I love the fact that it is wooden and not plastic at it is a lot more durable (It doesn't break if it's thrown across the room).

Nicola: I would recommend My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set to a fellow mum friend because I feel that this product is very high quality, provides excitement to the child as they watch the train move independently around the track and because it provides children with the opportunity to build and create tracks in their own.

Valerie: Yes I would recommend this product to a fellow friend or mum. This is because it was well made with beautiful wooden pieces and easy to put together. I also felt that the train moving via battery power enhanced the usability of the train track and provided much sources of entertainment. The pieces were easy to wipe down and keep hygienic.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nicola: I think that I would choose My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set over similar products from competitors because firstly the Brio brand is a well know brand, the products are great quality, the additional parts that add onto the wooden track to create the bridge/tunnel etc are brightly coloured and easy for small hands to manipulate.

Valerie: I would choose this product above others because I feel that the Brio brand is solid and reliable. I have full confidence that this product with be robust and last for many generations of my children. I also like that you can purchase additional parts for it and create larger train tracks as your children get older.

Sidrah: I would not choose this product as i find the price is too much and the railway is nothing special and for the price it should be offering a lot more for the price. I prefer cheaper toys which have many functions and can be easily stored away and not have to assemble them. It needs improving as i think it can offer much more.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shaheena: I think the old thing might be the price. Its slightly on the expensive side, apart from tat i think everything else is perfect about this product. Its quite useful and keep children interested to it . My daughter loves playing it all the time and does not get bored of playing with it. Apart from the price everything else about this products is okay according to us.

Valerie: If I could change some parts of this product, it would be the on/off switch for the train itself. It is a little vague where it is and there is no biofeedback to let you know if you've managed to successfully switch it on or off (e.g. a click). I would have also appreciated a storage case or pouch to keep the train parts together.

Claire: I think if this product fitted together a bit better on the bridge that would be helpful. And if the train was a little faster and had better battery life that would be an improvement. Also if you could add to the track in the future to build a bigger set that would be helpful and give it better longevity as a toy.

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