My 1st Years Personalised Pull Along Caterpillar review

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My 1st Years Personalised Pull Along Caterpillar

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Little ones will have hours of fun with this colourful pull along caterpillar, personalised with their name for a magical extra touch. Topped off with a bright red string, bubbas can amuse themselves at any opportunity by pulling this cheeky chap along behind them. Each wheel is painted with a different colour of the rainbow and can be engraved with their name at no extra cost.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Emma: The caterpillar appears well made. I like that it is brightly coloured and is made of wood, not plastic. The additional feature of being able to personalise this product is very appealing. The packing was beautiful and lovely to open. The tissue and box made the product feel expensive and luxurious.

Erin: I would recommend this wooden caterpillar toy to my fellow mum friends because of its bright colours, size and durability. It appears to withstand the usual active play of a boisterous toddler. It can easily be wiped clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth. It would make a lovely gift as it can be personalised which adds a special touch.

Sam: I would definitely recommend the My 1st Years Personalised Pull Along Caterpillar to a friend. I think it is a beautiful gift to give to someone who has a young child of any gender. It's made from wood and is brightly painted making it a lovely keepsake toy. The personalised name has each letter laser engraved into the wood meaning it's good quality and the name won't fade or chip away over the years.

How did this product make your life easier?

Seema: My son loved it. He is not walking yet but I'm sure he'll enjoy taking this for a walk soon. It is a beautifully made, classic wooden toy that I'm sure will last for years. I like that it's not plastic but made from natural material. It is a good size for a small boy and was very well packed. I also love that this could be personalised and has my sons name. It would make a lovely gift.

Rosie: The entertaining design allows my daughter to play with this autonomously which means that I can free up my time to multitask. I can interact with my daughter as she plays with the toy while I still continue with my household chores. Whilst I run around with the vacuum cleaner she pulls the caterpillar along behind me. It's very easy to tidy away as it doesn’t require any disassembly which is great at the end of a long day when you want to tidy up quickly.

Syeda: The toy keeps my toddler entertained for hours. My baby boy thoroughly enjoys pulling it along with him throughout the house. It’s easy to pack and travel with. The toy is easy to clean. It’s a great gift idea which can be personalised. It has no fiddly bits or parts that can come loose easily. Perfect size for small hands.

Would you choose this product to win?

Melissa: The caterpillar is very safe, the edges are smooth and I feel relaxed about giving it to my child to play with. It is very strong which is a huge bonus when it is pulled about and tugged in all directions by a toddler. The ability to personalise the caterpillar is a lovely touch. It would make a great gift especially as it is gift boxed. The bright colours are hugely appealing and great for showing babies the different colours. I have looked at alternatives online and in shops and I feel that this pull-along toy is superior.

Georgia: As a toy, I think my child would like a more interactive toy. However, as a display piece, I would definitely choose this pull along caterpillar. It came with my child’s name on each of the wheels and the quality of the wood is great. The painting on the caterpillar is to a very high standard! I would buy this.

Natasha: I love that the caterpillar is bright with nice colours. I have not seen another toy like this. It is unique and I like that it can have my daughters name on. It could be a special gift. The only downside of the pull along caterpillar is that it could be out of the price range of many parents.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jo: I would like to see a longer string so a child who is walking can drag it further along behind them as the head of the caterpillar lifts up when it’s being dragged along. I also would like to see the personalisation done in a different way rather than the engraved wooden look. I feel it would look better painted so it stands out.

Emma: I would make the string to pull the product along shorter and thicker. I was worried about leaving my child to play with the long string. At times she struggled to keep hold of the string. The product could be chunkier to make it more stable. As my daughter pulled it, it was rolling over rather than staying on the wheels.

Erin: If I could change one thing about the caterpillar toy it would have to be the cord. I think the toy would appeal to a wider age range if the cord was removed and it was a push along toy instead. This is because the cord is slightly too short for my toddler to stand and pull along and she much prefers to push the toy along the carpet instead.

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