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MAM Bite & Brush

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MAM Bite & Brush at a glance:

Your baby's first teeth are a new adventure. The MAM Bite & Brush not only soothes and massages his gums, but also cleans those precious first teeth. When chewed on the soft silicone bristles gently clean your baby's emerging teeth whilst the different structures provide a comforting feeling and offer relief from teething pain. The special ring shape is easy to grab and is extra light, making it ideal for small hands to hold. The Bite & Brush comes in both charming pink and blue colours.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie:  I liked the look of the product, the quality of the product and the design of the product but my one-year-old did not seem to take to it much. She played, chewed and shown an interest in it for about 2 minutes but did not really go back too it again. Therefore this product did not really help me at all with her teething,

Christie: I feel if I introduced this product to my daughter when she was younger and she became used to it for teething then it may have been very useful as it is very easy for small hands to hold and gives children some independence to use it themselves. Unfortunately, she is of an age at 17 months where she doesn't like brushing her teeth and therefore she did not want to use it to chew on.

Anne: The MAM bite and brush teether makes my life easier as a mum, because it is a nice shape, size and weight for my little one to hold and can be easily attached to a dummy or toy saver to prevent it falling on the floor when out and about. This means that I'm not spending all my time picking it up off of the floor and constantly sanitising it every time little one thinks it's funny to try and drop it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Tasmin: I would recommend this product as it's not only useful for teaching them independent brushing but it is amazing for teething too. My son was very interested in the shape of it and seemed to enjoy chewing innit for a good fair few minutes. It is also very easy to clean and sterilise. It's only small and its round shape means it's not awkward to pop in the babies bag.

Alison: I would recommend this product to fellow Mums because the combination of a toothbrushing product with a teething product is very helpful and time-saving. The product is very easy to transport, taking up very little space in a change bag and can be easily cleaned. The appearance of this teether is very pleasant, I am always looking for baby products that are subtle in colour and recommend anything I source to my friends.

Alice: Yes. The teether is portable and is a great hybrid product, giving peace of mind that teeth are being taken care of and cleaned, every if you do not use with toothpaste. The two textures are appealing to my toddler and it is easily cleaned and not easily lost! The quality of the product is great- we really trust mam products as my boy prefers their bottles over any on the market, this teether is no different. We feel completely safe with our child using this product. The quality is evident.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amanda: Yes I like design and the colour and  my daughter has taken to it over any other toy/teether we have tried. I think the most important thing is that it is very easy to clean and given the current situation this is more important than ever I also think that this is a far better option that giving medicine so yes I think it should win.

Juliette: Yes I'd definitely choose this one over others I've tried and for that reason I do think it's a product that is worthy of winning. The fact that my little one gets some comfort for his emerging teeth is great to see, the different textures that he bites onto seem to really help massage and soothe his gums. I also think it's very good value for money compared to other teethers.

Ann: It is a very good product, but my little one struggled to use it to soothe discomfort when teething with back teeth as he couldn't reach them with the product. My little one prefers his Nuby shark teether when his gums are sore towards the back of his mouth, as it is easier for him to reach where he has discomfort with the shark one.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: It's a bit of a boring design - not something I would reach for let alone a young child attracted to the bright and garish! Rubber keys and monkey shaped teething toys are still the go-to for us here. While this design offers more in the aid of brushing teeth I do think we'd be more inclined to stick with other items ahead of this one.

Mhairi: The actual bristle part of the teether was too wide and curved to fit in their mouth properly and to be used effectively to clean teeth. They also were not guaranteed to chew the white bristle end and instead would chew on the opposite side. This is fine if just a teether but they could use almost any product to chew if that's the case.

Sophie: I would maybe add some cooling gel aspect too it as I have found the teething toys with the cooling gel in it have worked the best with my teething baby or some sort off aspect to it that could have been placed in a fridge and would stay cool for a substantial amount of time. Mybe more texture added to the handle so the baby would have more aspects of it to show interest in. A clip to attach to clothes would also be a good idea.

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