Little Senses Glowing Stacking Rings

from Early Learning Centre
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Enjoy hours of stacking fun with these brightly coloured rings, bursting with tickly textures and tactile finishes. You can place the character on top of the stack of rings and watch as his face lights up. Enjoy the colour-changing lights as they glow gently from the base. This toy makes learning and honing problem-solving skills fun. Suitable from six months.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jasmine: The glow rings were easy to use and straightforward. Each ring was different to look at and feel. My baby enjoyed chewing and sucking on the rings but other than the one with the beads in she didn't really play with the others. When the head came off she liked to play with the tags on top. I'm unsure whether I would recommend it or not, it is nice to look at and is a great visual sensory toy but I am not sure there is enough for the child to play with.

Teleri: I would not recommend this product to others. However, if I have to pick its best features it would be the quality of the materials as it feels extremely durable and not at all flimsy. The rings are extremely tactile and are heavy and thick plastic. They feel indestructible which is very important for a baby product!

Anna: The Little Senses Glowing Stacking Rings immediately became one of my baby's favourite toys. He can play with it independently for a long time stacking and admiring its glowing feature while I am doing work around the house. Its main help to me is the glowing nighttime setting, which I switch on so my baby can get to sleep by watching it and dozing off slowly, without my presence in the room.

How did this product make your life easier?

Anna: My little boy is eight-months-old and loves these rings. He is fascinated by the textures and really likes the colours that light up in the middle of the tube. The different textures provide a range of sensory feelings for him and he is happy to spend time playing with them for quite some time.

Carla: My son enjoys playing with the product. He likes exploring each of the textured rings and enjoys watching the colour changing soft glow. The toy keeps him entertained for a short amount of time (he is only eleven-months) which enables me to quickly put some washing on or take five minutes to grab a drink.

Laura: This product has made my life easier as a mum as it keeps my little one entertained for longer than other toys. I think this is due to the vibrant colours, different textures and the changing colours of the stacking pole. My little one also uses the textured rings for teething which takes his mind off the pain.

Would you choose this product to win?

Usha: This is a good eye-catching and sturdy product. It has wipeable surfaces and lights up as well. Its price is very reasonable. The different textures surfaces make it great for sensory development. It's a good product and I would recommend it to a friend with a baby of a similar age.

Lucy: I prefer wooden stacking rings. The texture and different colours are great on this product but we have hardly used the nightlight element. However, the flashing lights do add another level of interaction for my daughter. If I wanted stacking rings I would put this product up high but if I wanted a nightlight I wouldn’t necessarily choose this product.

Anna: The product should definitely win in its category because it provides a great learning experience to babies by helping to develop their tactile and audio senses. It also helps babies to learn to play independently and provides enough interest to occupy them for a long time. The night glow setting offers a great help for parents to settle their babies to sleep.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jasmine: The rings are very colourful and the texture and is very good, my baby is teething and its a great chew toy for her but they are just too heavy. She has hit herself with it and she cries when she accidentally hits herself in the head. She has now stopped picking the heavy rings up and now will only play with the one with beads in.

Teleri: Although I like the quality of the materials and the overall weight gives it a feeling of durability, I think a lighter design would be more baby friendly. I dropped one of the rings on my foot and it did hurt. I think my baby would also find it easier to remove and stack the rings if they were lighter and smaller to hold.

Anna: The only thing I would change about the product is to make the stacking rings out of lighter material. The main four rings are made out of heavy plastic which is too heavy for a baby to hold. It is also can cause pain if fallen on to their feet or hands. So it would be better to make all five rings out of plastic similar to the one which contains noisy beads. It is much lighter and easier to hold.

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