LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words Book review

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LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Immerse your child in a world of play with LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book. This book is filled with colourful pages where your little one can touch each picture to hear the animals, along with finding out some new exciting facts with every category.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Amanda: I have a toddler and a primary schooler and this is one of the very few toys that they’ll sit down and play on together. My toddler is perhaps a little young at this stage to fully understand how to use the toy, however she often carries it around and loves sitting and watching her older sibling play with the toy. It's lovely to see her start to recognise particular sounds or words when playing with the book. Surprisingly my school-age child has really taken to learning the French version of words so I really love that both children despite the difference in ages are using the toy. That’s great value for money!

Melanie: The LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book keeps my daughter entertained without me feeling guilty for showing her tv shows or letting her play with an electronic device. The musical and interactive toy holds her attention and she is able to mimic animal sounds and attempt words after pressing the different buttons, allowing me a couple of minutes to tidy or just have a hot cup of tea!

Eleanor: The learning Friends 100 Words Book hasn't left our side since we received it. My two daughters 9 months and 3 years old love this book. It has kept them both entertained on many occasions. I have used the book when traveling in the car, cooking their tea, putting the washing on and many more tasks that were impossible to do without one of them getting upset.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: This is definitely a product I would recommend to other mums. It's brightly coloured, it instantly interests toddlers who can’t wait to engage with the exciting looking toy. It really does make a change from the ordinary picture and word book! The front cover cleverly snaps open and shut enabling little hands to manage it without any help and the handle on top creates a portable toy that couldn’t be easier to transport. It's sturdy and easy to wipe clean. This is a well thought through, cleverly designed product.

Amy: The Learning Friends 100 Words Book is clever. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it can tell what words you are touching on multiple pages, and then switch between both English and French, it is definitely impressive. The pictures are engaging and were clear to my daughter, who was then able to listen to the French word and understand what it was relating to.

Eleanor: The book is simple to use and easy to use. The pictures in the book are lovely and easy to understand. The book layout is nice and simple. My 9-month-old understood quickly that she had to press the pictures in order for the voice to say what they are. The book is easy to use with each page folding over, this is very easy to do. It's perfect for wiping down if there are any sticky fingers on the pages. The book is very sturdy and is easy to carry around.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abi: I would choose the LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book over others in the market because it is so simple to use and really focuses on the vocabulary that children in the target age range will be focusing on. I have not noticed other bilingual products on the market and this along with the different modes of the toys, such as facts, also provides a stretching element to the toy so that it doesn't become irrelevant soon after purchase. The fact that it is touch operated rather than by buttons, like some of the other similar products, makes it more in tune with modern technology and helps to develop motor skills.

Amy: I have not seen any other language products like this on the market, however, I don't think that it should win. This product does not sit inside the "Best Toddler Toy" category, my toddler showed absolutely no interest in it, whilst my pre-schooler was definitely more engaged and the right target age for a product like this.

Melanie: I would be happy to have paid the price that this product is sold at, as I believe it was value for money. It’s adorable and it’s compact size means it’s so easy to take out and about. The fact that it also provides language functionality in French means that my daughter is able to begin to listen and interpret different language sounds, something I have not seen in other products.

What changes would you make to the LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book?

Amy: As much as I appreciate that this is a learning toy and good for education, the design itself is heavy and bulky, and not something that I would travel with. My eldest daughter lost interest quickly, and it has been hard to get her to try it out regularly over the testing period, whilst I have not been able to get either of my children away from the other product we are testing in this category.

Abi: The pictures are very touch-sensitive which makes it easy to operate by a toddler, but it also means that the surrounding words are often triggered by my son. Either, not being precise enough in where he points, but also resting his other hand, arm or leg on any part of the book can set off other words. This could potentially be quite confusing, so if there were a way to make the touch sensitivity more appropriate for toddler touch this would be helpful. Of course, it will assist the development of his fine motor skills over time.

Melanie: I would say the LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words book needs more musical features, my daughter loves music and reacts more enthusiastically when she selects the music slider button. Also, more pages to choose from, and a greater variety of animals would be another suggestion. Also, I think the volume could be slightly louder, sometimes it can be drowned out by other noises if we are using it in a busy location.

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