Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Time to Learn Smart Watch review

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Time to Learn Smart Watch

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Time to Learn Smart Watch at a glance:

With two interactive buttons, colourful lights and realistic smart watch sounds, tiny techies will love the Laugh & Learn Time to Learn Smart Watch! There are so many fun activities packed into this interactive smart watch: from dialling up their good pal, Puppy, to rocking out to fun songs or clicking on the buttons and pressing on the side toggle! And while baby is exploring the fun lights, sounds and role play fun with their smart watch, they're also being introduced colours and greetings! A realistic smart watch design and fun sounds encourage baby to use their imaginations.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: When I initially gave this product to my 14 month old daughter, she showed some interest, pressing the buttons and playing with the straps however within 5 minutes she had moved on to her other toys. I don’t believe there is enough interaction on the toy to draw their attention for long periods and as such it didn’t make my life as a mum much easier.

Maryam: This is compact and light so can easily fit in my bag. Having this toy meant that -for sometime- my daughter stopped trying to play with and steal my own smartwatch which was great! I also found that she could play with this independently and she felt quite ‘grown up’ and happy to have a watch similar to mine.

Evie: The watch makes my life a little bit easier as a mom due to it being a good source of entertainment that is small enough to take out with us on car journeys. I also like that I can attach it to other toys with a string or strap so as to prevent losing it. The volume isn’t too loud meaning it doesn’t disturb others or become irritating. My son liked to pretend he was speaking to people on the toy just like he’s seen me doing which was entertaining for both of us.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Alix: I would potentially recommend it if a friend told me their baby liked to play with gadgets that had buttons and flashing lights and songs. I would also recommend it to a friend who had a younger baby than mine as I think it’s quite a simple toy so would probably entertain a 8-10 month old for far longer than my older child.

Alice: I don't think I would really recommend this product. It was a great idea but I think it could have had more functions despite it being small. We have some other fisherprice toys and really rate them. For example it would have been good if different bits light up when you press certain things. I feel it just talks at them and doesn't really show cause and effect when playing.

Laura: I would recommend this product for a few reasons: - It is compact and easy to transport, yet has plenty of different features for my daughter to enjoy. Different features will amuse her at different times, making it a versatile toy. - My daughter finds the sounds, particularly the music, so entertaining! Her face lights up when she hears it, more so than with most other toys. She has also started ‘dancing’ with her arms or head when she hears the music, which at nine months is a wonderful first for us. - Because of the way the watch ‘strap’ is designed, you can stand it up very securely and easily using the two belt loops. This is a simple but appreciated design feature. I am sure my daughter wouldn’t mind if the watch was lying its side all the time, but the fact it can stand up beautifully on its own appeals to me somehow! - It is easy to wipe clean, as the parts are quite chunky. It also seems pretty robust, so I don’t worry about it being banged or dropped.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Alice: Not really. There are other toys which I think are more educational and fun for them. I have a game controller which I think is the same brand and this entertains them for much better and has lots of difference functions. I think this just had minimal functions and diff buttons didn't really do anything different.

Shaheena: I would choose this product because it’s quite light weight and easily can be carried around . It’s colourful and children feel like they are wearing something like adults wear . They like the screen and the songs keep them entertained throughout .the toy also is quite cheap and very hard wearing . I would recommend it.

Evie: I would not choose this product above all others on the market as I feel there is room for improvement. The features it does have are great but I felt it lacked the wow factor I have experienced with other toys. As stated above, I feel the option to switch the toy off should definitely be added as a function and the little switch and twist button could be more appealing. The screen also has no interaction/pressing options and just backlighting which means as soon as the child figures out it doesn’t react to them touching it, they lose interest pretty fast.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kate: If I could change one thing about this product then I would add more buttons onto the strap as well as the watch face so that they could play with different dimensions of the watch. The idea of a watch design is brilliant as they show interest in anything that we use on a daily basis however it needs to have enough interaction to hold their focus which I don’t believe it currently has.

Evie: If I could change one thing about this product it would be to add more interactive functions to the screen, I believe this would keep the intended audience engaged in play for longer. The whole concept of role play is highly encouraged due to its benefits in development and I think with a few tweaks, this product could be much more appealing. On the whole, the product is a fun learning tool that is good value for money.

Alix: I would like it to have more features if possible, especially considering it’s quite large and bulky. Maybe more but smaller buttons so that there were more songs. I think it’s appropriate for the current price but I think it could be £5 more expensive and have a bit more to it to make it something that a toddler would want to play with for longer

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