Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Centre review

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Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Centre

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At a glance:

The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Centre has two ways to play! This safari-themed entertainer grows along with your child. As your baby sits in the comfortable fabric seat, a platform full of animal toys and exciting activities encourage your little one to spin around and explore all 360 degrees of fun. Then, when your toddler is ready, convert the 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center to a play table and attach the ramp for sliding play!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Susan: The activity centre is very sturdy, colourful and interactive. I like that the keyboard/music station has two settings for short or longer music. My son is not standing without support yet, so the seat is perfect to support him when he wants to stand as it saves my arms! I am excited about being able to change the seat to a table when he is a bit older.

Kerry: This product is great at keeping little ones entertained with plenty of activities. The sit-to-stand feature is very versatile meaning you can use the product for a long time. The detachable keyboard is a good feature which is very transportable. The general design is great, not too bulky. As it is made of plastic, it is very easy to clean and the seat cover is easy to wash.

Sarah: The activity centre looks great. I loved the colour choices, the quality of the toys and the number of activities. The table isn't too big and feels sturdy which is important when you have a little one pulling at all the toys and spinning themselves round in the centre. My eldest, who is now two has also enjoyed playing with it, both with the ramp part in the centre and whilst her sister is also using it.

How did this product make your life easier?

Libby: My boy was eight-months-old when we tested this product. From the beginning, he enjoyed standing inside the table and turning to inspect every element. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time playing with it which meant I was able to have far more hands-free time. The activity table has many different aspects to it, including sensory elements, musical toys and a mirror.

Kirsty: I absolutely love this product and more importantly, so does my son. From the moment I put the product together my son was enthralled by it. For me, I love watching him be totally engaged by the product for a substantial amount of time. It allows me to pop into the kitchen to put a load of washing on safe in the knowledge that he will be in the same place that I left him.

Dani: My daughter absolutely loves it and it keeps her entertained for hours on end. This helps me out when I need to potter around the house getting errands done. I love the fact that she can use it to both sit and stand. It is helping her develop as a human being so it makes my life easier as she can now play by herself for a bit.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: Definitely. I am a massive fan of Fisher-Price toys and very rarely find any fault in their items. The 2-in-1 activity table really does deliver what it says. The changeable seating/tower attachment is a fabulous idea and ensures it lasts little ones a while. The design is sturdy and tidy. Unlike other activity tables and similar products, I found the Fisher-Price 2-in-1 activity table to be reasonably well sized.

Elizabeth: I just love everything about it! Even the music doesn’t annoy me like so many other toys out there! It’s attractive to look at, makes my life so much easier, aids her development and hand-eye coordination and it feels safe and secure for my little one which is a key consideration when choosing baby toys.

Susan: This product is great for keeping my son entertained in one place, where I know he is safe. I particularly like that it swivels around 360 degrees. One thing it does lack is the bouncing element that other products on the market might have. However, this product does have the added attraction that it can be transformed to a table when they are older and therefore can be considered better value for money.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kerry: There is nothing I would change as the features are really good. Possible improvements would be to add removable wheels, turning it into a walker as when my little one was inside he wanted to walk around and sometimes got frustrated when he able to get anywhere. Another improvement would be to make it collapsible so transporting and storing would be easier.

Sarah: Although easy to assemble, I found it fiddly to put the screws in with the holes being so close to the legs. I also don't think that it would have been possible without a slim screwdriver which we happened to have. I don't know if it would be possible to have clip in legs instead as this would also make it more portable and easy to store.

Kirsty: There is very little that I would change about the product. In my opinion, it is nearly perfect. I would love to be able to transport it more easily because as the legs screw into the base it is too bulky to take out. I would also like to have different tones on the keyboard. This being my sons favourite toy on the table means I am hearing the same notes over and over, but as he is enjoying it I shouldn't complain too much.

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