Dena My First Rainbow Deluxe (12pc) Neon

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Dena My First Rainbow Deluxe Neon

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Dena My First Rainbow Deluxe Neon at a glance:

Dena is a safe, simple and smart toy, suitable from babies to all ages. The toys are made of the food-grade platinum silicone, the same high-quality material as dummies, teethers and baking moulds. It's a new alternative to wooden toys and due to its minimalist and timeless design, this toy can be used by babies, pre-schoolers and beyond in many diverse ways. It's incredibly unique in that the ways to play are literally limitless, it inspires creativity like no other toy and of course has become the symbol of lockdown here in the UK.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma Ashdown says: My baby enjoyed exploring this product. The bright colours are attractive and he picked up each piece of the rainbow and examined it. He really enjoyed chewing it it’s made from silicone which makes it really easy to chew when he’s teething. The product made my life easier as it would entertain him for periods of time so I could get things done!

Libby Ashworth says: This toy is so versatile it has provided entertainment for my 6 month old for bending, touching and teething, and my nearly 3 year old for imaginative play and learning colours. Any toy which can be played with by both children, and help the eldest learn to share is a bonus! Whilst many of our toys are packed and hidden away at the end of the day, this sits beautifully on display and really brightens up the room.

Katy Ball says: As a mum of twins, it’s great to find a toy that both babies can play with together and promote some early sharing! It’s a very flexible toy. I can give a piece of the rainbow to each baby whilst on a changing mat / pushchair so they have can a chew or play, but also I can make different shapes and configurations with the rainbow. It’s beautifully bright and gets their attention straight away on tummy time. It’s also really easy to quickly stack back together and look pretty on a shelf. The fact that it goes in the dishwasher and comes out super clean is just fantastic! Much easier than cleaning other toys. I also don’t need to worry about it getting ruined by being chewed or thrown around by my toddler. It’s exceptionally robust.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Adelle Barnett says: I would recommend this product if they wanted to treat themselves as much as baby! Not only does it look good for me, baby likes it and I know due to the silicone material it is made from it is so safe. Knowing baby can’t hurt herself or choke on it is always a good thing when choosing a toy. I don’t think it will have teeth marks in it when baby does get teeth and also don’t think it will mark the walls or anything.

Jessica Bates: I would recommend to other mums if the price was cheaper as it is made of BPA-Free, Platinum-Grade Silicone therefore if baby is chewing on it you feel they are safe. In addition, it is easy to clean and it is apparently germ repellent. It is also a good toy as it develops cognitive, motor and emotional skills. It is open ended and can be used in a variety of ways.

Nicola Beal says: Rainbows have become an important symbol over recent months and this product is not only eye-catching, with its bold and bright colours, but is a great reminder of the meaning attributed to such a simple shape. The individual pieces are quite heavy when all together, but it is easy to grab a few and put in your bag to keep your little one entertained on the go.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lucy Beaumont says: I would chose this product purely for how much my little one loved it. The bright colours and durability of this product meant it caught his eye as both a toy and a teether. The product is small enough to bring out in changing bags with us and we just take one section of the rainbow as a teether. Super handy!

Emma Ashdown says: No, there are other baby toys I would choose over this product. This product is expensive and I don’t really see it as a toy for babies. It is however beautiful, with lovely vibrant colours and looks great on his toy shelf, I think when he is older he will enjoy playing with this a lot more. However he does like to chew it!

Libby Ashworth says: There are other rainbow coloured toys available, however being made out of silicone is new to me. I love that being silicone based gives this toy some big advantages. Having a toddler and a 6 month old teething baby, they were able to use the rainbow in a variety of ways - from teething to imaginative play. If you are looking for a toy with this sort of versatility then I would definitely pick this.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katy Ball says: I’d possibly make the rainbow slightly more rigid so that it is easier to stack the larger pieces of the rainbow. Whether this is possible without losing the satisfying texture of the pieces I’m not sure. I feel that it would increase the range of possibilities for creative play. Toddlers love to stack things on top of each other and make things tall. Also, if using the bigger pieces of the rainbow to make bridges on a train set or fir cars or other toys to go underneath, slightly sturdier material would work better. Apart from that suggestion, the neon deluxe rainbow Is utterly brilliant and the amount of pieces in the rainbow is perfect!

Adelle Barnett says: I would like more help knowing how to use the toy for different play though my baby’s development. A playmat or something online like an app that had ideas of ways to use it would be great. As other children have played with it I could also help them with their continued development. Maybe it is just me that sees a pretty rainbow on the side as much as a toy, I don’t know but reminders of its primary function would be super helpful to me as a new mum.

Jessica Bates says: If I could change one thing about this product I think it would probably be the price because I feel that £39.95 for this toy is rather expensive. I feel that the toy is made of quality materials, it can be cleaned easily and be played with for many years in different ways but I feel due to its size the price is too much.

Product Information

  • Available in neon and pastel and in a 6 (£20.95) or 12 piece set (£39.95)

  • Multi-use: can be used as teethers, for stacking, baking or as a puzzle

  • Made of BPA-free, Platinum-based silicone

  • Oven and dishwasher safe

  • 6 piece set dimensions: 10.5cm wide x 6cm high

  • 12 piece set dimensions: 17.3cm wide x 9cm high

  • Suitable for: 0 months +

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