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Cloud b Tranquil Turtle

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Find out what our parent testers thought of the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle plus what our babies thought of it too!

At a glance:

The Cloud b Tranquil Turtle will transform your little one's bedroom into a peaceful haven for nights of good sleep. This cute cuddly toy projects an underwater effect with waves, and an option of two sound effects to calm your baby. This is a great solution for those who are afraid of the dark.

How did the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle make your life easier?

Natasha: This is an amazing product that is beautifully designed, in nice calming colours, and has made my life so much easier by settling my little girl into her bedtime routine. We put the turtle on after reading her books, and she slowly drops off.

Sarah: I have two children who share a room. My son is 2 and my daughter is 5. My daughter does not like the room to be dark and likes the door left open but my son gets out of bed if the door is open. The tranquil turtle has worked really well as my 5-year-old feels safe and secure with the light show without keeping them awake. For this reason, bedtime has been so much easier and that makes my life easier as a mum.

Victoria: Bedtime is so easy with the turtle being part of my 2-year-old son’s routine. It’s so easy to use, he can choose what settings he wants himself, and really enjoys switching it on and jumping into bed so he can watch the waves on the ceiling. The blue light is dimmable so you can set how bright it is, and the music is soft and calming. He’s soon fast asleep after a story.

Would you recommend the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle to other mums?

Lizi: We were really happy to be given a sleep aid style product to test as our two-year-old has never really slept through the night – we were hoping for a miracle! He has found it very soothing to listen to and enjoyed watching the underwater lights cast across his ceiling, but alas it hasn’t improved his sleep. His 10-year-old sister, however, has really taken a shine to the turtle, and has been taking it to bed every night and dropping off to sleep much quicker than she previously was. This has made our lives easier by helping her to wake up better in the mornings!

Jamielee: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum/friend because firstly the quality is amazing. It is very soft and I wasn’t afraid it would become broken when my 2-year-old plays with it during the day. I’d also recommend it as the design is lovely. You can tell straight away that it is made of good quality materials.

Stephanie: Yes I would recommend. The moment we switched on the projector in her bedroom she began gazing at the walls. She really likes the light display and watched it for about 10 minutes before dropping off to sleep. She now does this every night!

Would you choose the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle to win?

Sally: I think this product should win because it is very high quality. The light show is beautiful and the sound effects are very soothing. It is a diverse product that I think can be used for both soothing purposes and sensory play. It seems a little on the expensive side in terms of cost but the quality and value for the price us fair.

Kirstie: The advantage it has over a similar product we have is that it’s not just sound, the light show is very appealing. The downside is that it has both hard and cuddly parts. The hard, plastic parts make it unsuitable for kids to cuddle and the soft parts make it harder to clean. The light show is what really stands out for me. It has a clever mechanism to create the water effects and the whole family enjoyed watching it. I also like the choice of music or white noise.

Sarah: I think I would choose this over other toys as it is very attractive. It is also not totally babyish so nice for a preschooler or young child who is afraid of the dark. I love the sea light projection and it works much better than ones that I have used before. The light is nice and bright on this one. My daughter can easily change the settings and she is very found of the turtle. The volume settings are also good as there are quite a few different settings.

What changes would you make to the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle?

Susan: Possibly more sound effects? They are a little limited. I love the sensory wave effect of the lights so I definitely wouldn’t change that! The price could be a little cheaper and maybe a smaller size to make the transportability easier. Overall it’s a really great product and although my son doesn’t use it at night time, he really enjoys it when we’re having some quiet sensory time.

Kirsty: The price. It’s too expensive for what it is. If it was cheaper I would probably buy it for a friend etc. I would pay about £19.99 for this product and not £49.99. I think when you have a baby there’s so much to buy so I would rather spend £50 on a cot or something! It’s a lot of money to spend on this.

Sally: I wouldn't change anything about the product but it could be seen as a bit pricey compared to other products doing a similar thing on the market. There are only two options for the white noise so if you want more or a range I would go with another. But, the light show on this one is more extensive than others.

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