Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game review

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Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game

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Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game at a glance:

The perfect toys that has helped many families through lock down! This clever balancing game became a best seller throughout the pandemic. The classic toy makes little ones use the colourful wooden blocks to correctly balance the friendly crocodile. A great teaching tool to aid hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and shape recognition. The game also teaches colour recognition as each player rolls the dice to pick a counter. Fun for all the family whilst developing vital skills.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kimberley: I was sent this product in error and have not been able to test this as it is suitable for children older than my 8 month old baby! From what I can see though it is a good quality product and looks as though it will provide some learning to my child once he is old enough to play with it.

Emma: This is a nice toddler toy. It looks nice and it’s clearly durable. It’s a nice game to encourage hand eye co ordination as well as fine motor skills. The game can amuse a child for a short period of time, however once you have balanced the pieces they seem to run out of things to do. This toy only appears to have one thing it can do. Granted the child could be imaginative and try different things but the concept is simple and quick to complete.

Libby: I have been trying to introduce 'turn taking' type sons to my son to help encourage him to share. This is a great example, and he loves the suspense of waiting to see if the crocodile will tip over. It is well designed, and hopefully more durable than similar plastic toys due to it being made from wood.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katy: I’d recommend the Crocodile Balancing Game to other mums he suits a really nice activity to do together with your child or children. It’s easy to set up and put away. I enjoyed talking about the colours, sizes, dice, taking turns in a game and what balancing means with my toddler. He was quite calm at first but then got frustrated and pushed the crocodile over. This gave me the opportunity to talk about what happens when things don’t balance on top of each other, plus the emotions of being frustrated and trying again, looking for different places to balance each block and placing them very gently. It’s super easy to put in a small bag and take out with you, and is beautiful colours and a really nice design to hold. It’s wooden too rather than plastic so a massive tick.

Adelle: I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum as it has the potential to keep a group of mixed age children entertained for quite a long period of time and also is a good price point. I would buy this as a gift for children who like to play games together as it is much nicer than a plastic equivalent.

Jessica: I would definitely recommend this game to other mums because it is a simple game and not too large so it could be packed into a suitcase to take away on holiday or in a bag to take when visiting relatives etc. It is attractive and engaging to entice children to play. It is also quite easy to wipe clean.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lucy: I think this product should win due to both its practicality and design. Its beautifully designed with vibrant colours but also its a great little toy/game to have. Its great for individual play and learning or as a team game with friends. Overall i think its a great little toy which encourages hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills.

Nicola: This product is a great family activity or an activity for just you and your little one to enjoy some interactive play. It is great for my little to play with friends and keep everyone entertained. The design of the product ensures your little one can have a bit of fun, whilst learning colour recognition and developing her motor skills. It is very competitively priced and well worth the cost when considering the benefits the toy has to offer.

Jessica: I think there are so many great toddler toys on the market and this would definitely be a great one to add to your collection. It's great to develop hand eye co-ordination and colour recognition. I do feel however the winner should probably be something that is more open ended and provides a variety of play opportunities.

What changes would you make to this product?

Libby: It is smaller than you might expect from the picture, but I do not necessarily take this as a negative as it makes it more portable or more easy to store. It does however, mean that the individual pieces that you place on the crocodile are quite small and easy to lose - particularly if you overbalance the crocodile and they all fall off!

Katy: The thing that was tricky about this product was that although the coloured blocks are really pretty, they easily roll off surfaces and underneath the settee or table. It’s therefore quite easy to start losing pieces everywhere. I’m not sure how the manufacturer could get around this as the whole point of the pieces being round is to make it tricky to balance them. I found it much better to play on the floor than a table for this reason. I do really love that they are different sized cylinders though. This was great for stretching my toddlers fine motor skills and ability to be gentle much further. It’s definitely great fun!

Nicola: The product design is great and the features are full, but educational. Some pieces are smaller than others and be a little fiddly to grab and put on the crocodile to play the game - though this did add to the fun of it. There is very little to criticise or recommend to change and overall I found the product is definitely worth the price tag!

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