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At a glance:

The FrontEase from Brush-Baby is a dental-styled teether with a textured biting surface, ideal for soothing gums and cleaning emerging front teeth. Easing teething pain it also supports the transition from sucking to chewing, great for cleaning teeth at weaning time. Soft to the touch and gentle on teething gums but powerful enough to clean first little teeth. Easy to hold, it comes in three colours: pink, blue or teal, and is complemented with a hygienic protective cap.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elaine: This product is a great teething product which really gives baby a chance to chomp down on a well-shaped mouthpiece. It has clearly been designed with teething and the baby’s mouth in mind and appears to help with teething too. It is easy for baby to hold with a soft handle. The teether comes with a handy cover to transport it, although I would prefer it if this completely covered the product. It is easy to clean and can go in the fridge to give baby a cooling sensation, which is another plus.

Terri: This has really helped with my little girls teething, some teething products are like toys & not all babies are keen so they won’t use them, but I found as this was shaped almost like a dummy, my daughter accepted it straight away, meaning she got some relief from sore gums and I knew it was safe for her to use.

Leanne: My little girl has loved using this product, with it having a cover means I can chuck it in the changing bag knowing it will stay clean so can easily use out and about to keep her entertained and helping with her teething. Because of the design, she can easily hold it by herself so saves me time having to help her get it into her mouth.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Amy: My little girl has loved using this product, with it having a cover means I can chuck it in the changing bag knowing it will stay clean so can easily use out and about to keep her entertained and helping with her teething. Because of the design she can easily hold it by herself so saves me time having to help her get it in to her mouth.

Jo: My daughter is not a dummy fan but the wide design makes it easier for my daughter to keep in her mouth as well as making it inherent to her to bite down and not suck. Even though the texture is on. I also love that it comes with a hygienic cap on the product too making the transportation of this product extremely simple in the future on the car, changing bag etc. I would recommend this to mums because of these reasons as well as it being a tool that your child can grip themselves o too.

Leanne: I would recommend because of the design definitely, it’s so easy for my baby to pick it up and use it herself it has definitely kept her entertained and helped with teething. Also I like the case that pops on, you can use to keep the product clean at home after sterilising and also easy to take out and about without it getting dirty.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jess: I thought it was a great concept and was surprised that something like this didn't already exist on the market. My daughter liked chewing on her dummies so this was exactly what we needed to provide her with some relief from teething pains without having to give her Calpol, Bonjela etc all of the time.

Jen: This is a perfect teething product due to the design, material and price. It’s also make by a trusted company with mums in mind. I’ve so far not seen a product like this one - most other teethers are made from hard plastic that many babies do not like. This is made from a soft silicone and fits perfectly in babies mouth. It is also very good value and it cuts down on the need to use medicines. We haven’t had to use calpol for teething since using this.

Lucy: Although I do like this product and I think it is good quality for the price, I am not sure I would recommend it above all others on the market. This is because I’m not too keen on the fact that it looks like a dummy when baby is using it. We’ve decided not to use dummy’s for our baby so I didn’t really like the look of it when in use, however, I realise this is very much an aesthetic and doesn’t interfere with its functionality. Other teething products look more like toys which I think is good for appealing to small baby’s and keeping their interest.

What changes would you make to this product?

Harriet: One thing I would change about this product would be to change the design of the part that stays outside of the mouth slightly so that it looks less like a dummy. This wouldn’t change the function or use of the product but may be more aesthetically pleasing to people, so it is not compared to a dummy.

Amy: I think I would like to change the size of the silicone end to this teether as then I think it would be better for my baby due to size. I also think it would be better to just have the teether on one end, not both as there isn’t really any room for baby to hold it. I think this teether needs to have more of a handle.

Lucy: Overall I do like this product and will continue to use it. However, if I had to change one thing it would be the look. I don’t like the styling which makes it look like a dummy. Also unless I held it in place it would fall out of my baby’s mouth quite frequently. Therefore if using it while out it could easily end up on the floor. Perhaps some sort of clip could be added so that it can be attached to baby’s clothing and therefore prevent it from falling on the floor.

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