Borrn Silicone Teether

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Borrn Silicone Teether

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Find out what our mum testers thought of the Borrn Silicone Teether and what their babies thought too!

At a glance:

The Borrn Silicone Teether is easy for your little ones to hold onto and chomp on. With plenty of adorable animals to choose from, your youngsters can have their favourite companion with them at all times. These silicone teethers are known for stimulating their tooth and finger development.

How did the Borrn Silicone Teether make your life easier?

Carly: The only thing I would be able to do differently with this teether compared to ones I already have is it can go into the dishwasher for cleaning which is an added bonus. The size of it is good as it would mean it could be carried in the pocket of the changing bag with ease. It might be handy to come with its own little bag though so you don’t completely lose it.

Sophie: This product is perfect as my daughter is actually starting to teeth now. She straight away put the product to her mouth and started chewing on the many areas to chew. With the design they gave me 'the crab' there were many protruding areas off silicone which are perfect to chew on. The colour of the product is lovely and bright in colour and very catchy. My daughter was instantly staring at it. It has been a great help when my daughter has been fussing, I presume from her teething, as when given the teether she chews and stops the fussing. It made my life easier as with this no-fuss design, I don't need to worry about things falling off into her mouth, which is what I worry about with other silicone teethers like the necklaces etc.

Megan: My 9-month-old baby took to this teether right away. The design is very tactile and he enjoys holding it as well as chewing on it. Compared to other designs, it seems very easy to use and he seemed to take comfort from chewing it when suffering from teething discomfort. The circular design does seem to make it easier and nicer for him to hold.

Would you recommend the Borrn Silicone Teether to other mums?

Lisa: I would recommend this item because of its excellent value for money compared to other teething products on the market. It's small and easy for the baby to use. It comes in different bright colours and attractive to the eye. It is great value for money too. I would definitely buy one of these in the future for my baby or as a gift.

Hayley: I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum because it is a very reasonable price. It is also easy for the baby to hold and very easy to keep clean. It also has a nice feel to it when you hold it. It also came in a nice box and is nice and compact and easy to carry around with me when out and about.

Eleanor: The teether is convenient to use it's small and compact and easy to carry in a baby changing bag. The teeth are easy to clean with its sole design there aren't any odd-shaped or gaps that are hard to clean. The teether is also 0% BPA and it's made from 100% food-grade silicone so you know it's safe for your baby to use on a daily basis.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lisa: I would definitely choose this over other teething products because it's very convenient with it being small and easy for the baby to handle. It looks like a toy too so keeps them entertained. I also had a little toothbrush on the end to get them to use to brush their teeth. I've not seen any other products as good as this.

Sarah: I would choose this product above others as it’s not hugely expensive compared to other teething toys and my son loves it, which is more than I can say about the other teether toys I have got him before. So, I definitely think this teether should win due to good price, the cute design, being easy for my baby to hold and the teething gel applicator.

Eleanor: I wouldn't necessarily choose this product over other teethers on the market. The design is quite full and without reading the packaging, I wouldn't have known the teether was meant to be a frog. If I was looking in a shop at other teethers to buy I wouldn't really pick this item up. The packaging is dull and the picture of the teether blends too much into the background so you can't see it clearly enough.

What changes would you make to the Borrn Silicone Teether?

Sophie: If I could change one thing about the product it would probably be the price. For such a simple product, I think it is quite expensive. I think £5 would be a better price for just a simple silicone teether. I think at a slightly lower price I would probably buy a couple, so when one is needing washing, I had a spare but I would not do this at its current price.

Megan: It has a lovely design in general but the crab design is not very obvious. However, a part of the appeal is the subtle design and there are other designs available. The main problem I found with the teether is that my baby loved to throw it repeatedly. When he was using it he seemed to enjoy it but his instinctive reaction to being given it was often to throw it. I have not had time to test the product out and about but I think it would be great if there was a way of attaching it to a pram or highchair. On the packaging, the teether is said to stimulate tooth and finger development, and although I can guess as to how this works, a bit more information on the benefits of the design would have been interesting and useful.

Carly: I think the one thing that I would change on this product itself would be teething bobbles. There are currently only two on it for eyes. From previous experience with teething babies, a lot of these bobbles actually help more and are more when teething as they add pressure. I believe it would be more beneficial for the teether to have maybe a whole part of the teether as these bobbles and not just the eyes.

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