Bickiepegs Peggie the Penguin® Sensory Teether

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Bickiepegs Peggie the Penguin® Sensory Teether

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Bickiepegs Peggie the Penguin® Sensory Teether at a glance:

With firm edges and soft surfaces, Peggie the Penguin® Sensory Teether is designed to stimulate touch, vision and oral development, supporting good formation of gums, teeth and jaws. Whilst stimulating tongue control, her shape helps reach both the front and back of your little one's mouth. To help keep her clean and prevent loss, Peggie the Penguin comes complete with a safety ribbon and clip.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jane: As mums, we would do anything to distract a teething baby, and this definitely helps. I think because of the big handle in the middle it is easy for her to hold and get a good grip on it so she doesn’t keep dropping it. It’s a good distraction for her which sometimes gives me just an extra 5 minutes. Win win!

Jessica: This product makes my life easier because I don't have to worry about any of the parts being pierced, falling off, or being lost, it is the perfect size for my 9 months old hands, she is able to chew and suck on all aspects of the penguin, i have found other chew products a little difficult for her to use, and is her go-to toy when she is having issues with her teeth.

Clare: My little one likes to chew on anything and everything, so to have a well designed cute teether that my little boy holds onto for longer without getting fed up is a relief. He always throws things on the floor when in his highchair, so being able to attach it to his clothes stops him from getting upset when he wants it again, he does sometimes get frustrated though when he wants if off his clothes! The teether really does soothe his gums too unlike others we have had, the shape of the product is a winner.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nikola: I find the product incredibly useful as it can be clipped on to clothing and baby car seats. The fact that it is easily washable means that it’s very hygienic for baby. The design is very cute and perfectly sized for baby hands to hold. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and my baby likes to use it and carry it with her.

Katie: Yes! I love that the penguin is easy to clean, I love that it’s a solid bit of plastic without any hollow sections that dribble can go in and go mouldy. The ribbon is also wavy to wash and dry too, my daughter has sucked this a bit too, so it’s good to clean regularly. The penguin is easy to wipe over as well.

Jeri: I would recommend this product to a friend because it’s great value for money for a teething product for a renowned brand. It’s a great size to pack into your already jam-packed baby changing bag. It’s also super stylish with the neutral colour tones, probably more attractive for mummy rather than baby. It’s made with textured food-grade silicone and is BPA-free which is important to me.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jane: I think this product should win because it is an all-round great teether. It is more expensive than others on the market, but personally I think the extra is worth it. Having used many different teethers for my children I honestly believe this is the best so far for us. I love how soft it feels, the bendiness of it I think is much nicer for my baby and it just feels like a quality product. I think if my baby girl could talk too she would say the same as it is a firm favourite. It is easy for her to hold and does help her when she is teething.

Jeri: I probably wouldn’t choose this product above others on the market because the short ribbon which attaches to clothes meant that my child wasn’t able to access the multiple firm and soft edges that the product boasts as a key benefit. I also felt that my son wasn’t massively attracted to the product due to it’s toned down colour scheme – grey and white, although I personally loved this aspect of it!

Jessica: I do think this toy should win because I feel it has assisted in my life and my daughters while we have gone through Covid-19, we always have it with us now, and my daughter has been teething for almost a month now and still no teeth but this is the one toy I know can comfort her when nothing else will, I'm forever grateful we had the opportunity to try out this product

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: I personally would make one of the ‘wing’ slightly longer, I felt that occasionally my daughter couldn’t reach the back areas of the gums without putting a lot of the actual penguin in the mouth. So a longer wing would reach to the back of the mouth and provide relief when teething the back molars.

Clare: I don't think there is anything I want to change. Maybe it could be available in different colours and animal options. I like the cool colours but I imagine there are parents that would like more colourful products for their little ones. I'd also like it if it could also be made to put in the fridge to give a cooling sensation.

Nikola: I like this design so wouldn’t change much. Perhaps a number of different animal designs and different colour ribbon? Some fun colours would be nice. A rainbow design with lots of colours would be more aesthetically pleasing. The penguin looks like it has 2 heart nipples on the clip cover which I found a bit random but the wouldn’t stop me from buying or recommending it!!

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