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Tula Explore at a glance:

Every position your baby will need, including a facing out position. Each provides a natural, ergonomic position that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby. A more slimline, innovative body panel with three width settings to find a perfect fit as baby grows from newborn to early toddlerhood. Used from 3.2 to 20.4kg (7 - 45 pounds), no infant insert required. Padded shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick adjustments for multiple wearers. Wide padded waistband helps evenly distribute weight. Comfy and stylish! Plus with so many designs to choose from, you can choose a style to suit you.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen Broe says: I feel this product made my life easier as wearing the baby allowed me to be hands free. I felt that my baby was secure and safe and that I was able to walk for miles with the adjustable head and neck support exceeding my expectations. Furthermore it did not put any strain on my body allowing me to be ache and pain free.

Amy Goddard says: I love using a sling. It is helpful in the house when the baby won't settle but i have things to get done. It enables me to have two hands for tasks and not try and juggle the baby. It is practical for use outside the house as well, making quick trips to the shops much easier because I don't have to lug a pram around.

Charlotte Hunt says: This baby carrier made life so much easier for me to chase around after my toddler, simply popped the newborn in and we were ready for walks or just chores around the house. Having both hands free to carry out tasks was hugely beneficial and prevented me carrying the baby around in one arm trying to get jobs completed.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Lindsay James says: I would probably only recommend this product to people who have larger partners like myself or those who have a older child they need a carrier. The features I liked include: small pocket at the waistband, the hood that comes with it, and long adjustable straps that do fit my partner who is a big person. What I didn’t like was the fussyness of the design.

Clare Kophamel says: I loved testing the Tula explore carrier and would definitely recommend this product to other mums. The carrier can be used in 4 different positions which makes it so versatile for babies as they grow. The carrier is made out of high quality materials and is very comfortable for baby and mum. I liked how easy the instructions were to follow for adjusting the carrier according to how you wanted to carry and the age of the baby along with how to put the baby safely into it. I would recommend this to make other mums lives easier whether that is being out and about or just at home.

Adele Rance says: I would recommend this product to a friend especially those who are looking for carriers for bigger toddlers. The carrier is comfortable to wear, it looks lovely because of the beautiful print, and as a big plus it has a little pocket on the tummy band to keep your phone/keys at hand. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy Goddard says: Yes! I never realized how different slings could be, I didn’t once feel unsafe using the product, I was confident using and wearing it, My little one felt safe, secure and was settled the whole time while being in the sling. I was so happy at how easy it is to apply and place your little one into it, took a couple of minutes to make sure they were safe and off you went! Its fabulous!

Danielle Smith says: The baby carrier was extremely quick and easy to put on and required no help from another person (something I have found with otherbaby carriers). It is not too bulky, which means it is easy to take with you on days out and it won’t take up too much space in your bag. My baby was really settled whilst in the carrier so it meant that I could leave her in it without worrying about her becoming to cranky. I would agree that this carrier did make my life easier.

Jessica Thompson says: A real selling point is it going right through ages and so you just need the one product. I have previously had a newborn carrier, but I didn't use this much as baby outgrew this quicker than expected and we didn't feel it had the adequate support for mum and dad (hurt dad's back). This one had more support around the lower back region meaning you feel more comfortable while out walking, especially for longer periods.

What changes would you make to this product?

Naomi Treasure says: If I could change one aspect it would be the design of the straps. On occasions using this sling for longer periods of time caused discomfort from digging in to both my sons legs and my arms from carrying. Maybe an addition of soft fabric or padding could be applied on these areas to make it more user friendly.

Frances West says: If I were to change anything on this product it would be how the product buckles across the back. I found that with my new born I struggled to hold them comfortably in place when having to fasten the buckle across my back. This meant that to begin with before I got more confident with the carrier I was faffing and causing my baby to become distressed so it took some time to settle him in the carrier before I could then head out on a walk. For me, I prefer a carrier that has straps which cross over and fasten under the arm but that is my personal preference. Also with how robust and secure this carrier felt I would take the faffing over a change to the buckle mechanism. The quality of this product is excellent however when trying to tighten the fastening the woven fabric was very stiff. This is useful as you would not want the carrier to loosen however again having to do this on my own and secure a new born was a little bit of a struggle. I found that I had to adjust the waist to my guessed sized before putting it on as I just couldn’t pull the strap tight enough when it was actually on. This was fine but an added faff when sometimes you need to adjust a carrier when you are out and about. I felt once I was strapped in there was no adjusting I could do without help.

Laura Williams says: I was slightly concerned that the seat part was too bulky but then I realised it could be adjusted to a smaller setting, I found this on the off chance even after reading the guide, I would definitely make it clearer that the adjustable settings are folded inside the waist band as I found the product guide very unclear.


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