Tried & Tested: Stokke Limas carrier

Tried & Tested: Stokke Limas carrier

by Stephanie Spencer |
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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the Stokke®Limas™ Carrier.

Babywearing gives parents freedom of movement allowing them to stay active and mobile. For a busy parent, sometimes having your hands-free is a win!

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Find out what our tester mums Vicki and Laura thought here...

What were your first impressions of the Stokke Limas Carrier?

Vicki: The packaging appeared to be sustainable, eco-friendly and high-quality which was a great plus. The carrier itself felt and looked very premium. The pattern is beautiful and I have seen on the Stokke website they have a lot of tasteful designs available to choose from.

Laura: Great first impressions - the design is very pretty but maybe quite girly for a boy but have seen there are other designs available.

What did you like most about the Stokke Limas Carrier?

Vicki: My favourite thing (aside from the gorgeous colours available) would be the fact you have the option of changing to a hip and back carry, depending on need and the size and comfort of your baby. It makes the carrier much more multifunctional.

Laura: The ease to get it on myself singlehandedly. Plus my baby can be in it from newborn to older without any inserts etc. Also that it is all cotton so can be washed easily.

How comfortable did you find the Stokke Limas Carrier to wear?

Vicki: This is the third carrier I have tried so far as I own two others and this one has been the most comfortable for me by far. The adjustments make it easy to use without being overly complicated (as some other carriers are) and as it has no rigid parts it moulds comfortably to your shape.

Laura: Very, the weight was really distributed evenly.


How comfortable did you find the Stokke Limas Carrier for your baby?

Vicki: My baby seemed to find it really comfortable. It seemed to create a good ergonomic fit around his body and he was quite happy from being placed in it to settle there

Laura: It seemed very comfortable for him, he was quite happy in there!

How easy did you find the carrier to use?

Vicki: At first, I did find the carrier quite complicated as the instruction manual was very basic and some of the instructions were unclear. After this, I watched the video available on the Stokke website and it became much clearer. Following this it was very easy to put on and take off with baby.

Laura: After a couple of practice gos I could easily get the carrier on and off myself. It's certainly one of the less complicated carriers on the market

Did you feel your baby was well supported in the Stokke Limas Carrier?

Vicki: Yes, my baby was very well supported. His legs were in the correct positioning for extended carrying and I felt he was completely safe and secure when carried. My baby seemed to find it really comfortable. It seemed to create a good ergonomic fit around his body and he was quite happy from being placed in it to settle there.

Laura: Yes, as I mentioned, he was very happy in there.

Is there a feature on the carrier you would like to see included?

Vicki: It would be nice if it came with a small matching bag for it to be placed inside when folded and not in use. This would make it easy to transport for days out when carrying may become needed, and also ensure the fabric and pattern of the carrier stays protected.

Laura: Less tying… That's the only part that made me slightly nervous.

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Would you use the Stokke Limas Carrier again?

Vicki: I would. This will now be the main carrier for my baby until he outgrows the weight limits.

Laura: Yes definitely.

Would you purchase the Stokke Limas Carrier?

Vicki: I would yes if I tested this at a sling library as it is by far the best carrier I have used and the price point seems good for the quality of the product.

Laura: Yes.

How often throughout the day did you use the carrier?

Vicki: I used it once or twice a day, for around an hour at a time. One day I have been on a much longer walk and my baby was still content and happy to be carried.

Laura: Not every day but I used it for walks.

When did you use the carrier?

Vicki: I used the carrier while at home to do chores, going to and from baby groups, quick trips to the shops, and for a days walk out with my family.

Laura: When I was out and about on walks and needed my hands free or where isn't suitable for a pram.

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About this product

The Stokke® Limas™ Carrier combines the advantages of a baby wrap with an ergonomic carrier. The half buckle carrier made from wrap fabrics, provides freedom of movement and safety every step of the way. Made with soft cotton, it expands as your baby grows to keep them comfy and close at all times.

Although this carrier is perfectly designed for newborns, thanks to the adjustable base and back panel, the carrier can be expanded to your baby’s size giving them a spread-squat seating position during those early years up until 15kg / 33lb.

Front, back and hip carrying options give parents a lot of flexibility. Made of double-layered wrap fabrics, the spreadable shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your baby’s weight during carrying. Between these two layers of material is a sewn-in pocket into which shoulder padding can be inserted for extra comfort. The carrier is easy to use. Simply buckle the waistbelt, then after putting the carrier on, pull the straps tight and tie them in a double knot.

Other Stokke carriers include the Limas™ Carrier Plus, a half buckle carrier for one month onwards, and the Limas™ Carrier Flex which is a full buckle baby carrier. So, you can stay comfortably close with the baby carrier that's right for you, your parenting style and most importantly, your child.​

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