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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The Beco 8 is a smart baby carrier and has a lot to offer with a built-in headrest and hood, and leg padding to provide the support and comfort for your growing baby. As the carrier also has three ergonomic carry positions and straps that you can easily adjust and personalise, the versatility of The Beco 8 completes the baby carrier package.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nichola: I would recommend this product to fellow mums. The variety of features that it has makes this product really convenient and practical. It has 3 positions available; including front [facing in or out], back, and hip or on your side. It is really lightweight and very easy to use. The design of this product is great, especially having the option to adjust straps easily and also the seat width and waist belt. It even comes with a handy little padded cushion insert, providing extra height if needed.

Fiona: As a mum to a 12 week old and a 2-year-old, I valued having my hands free to allow me to tend to the toddler. It has also been invaluable when out and about. We live in a rural area, and some of our paths are not pram friendly. Our baby always felt safe and secure. We have also used it on a few occasions to get our baby to sleep, and she seems to love it and appears comfortable.

Krishna: I would highly recommend this product to a fellow mum who was slightly taller than me as the actual carrier is so light to carry, soft for the baby and versatile in its many functions. A lot of these types of carriers are not great for your baby's hips and are not front-facing; this one is endorsed by the Hip Dysplasia Institute and described as hip-healthy which gives me the confidence to use for my little one. Also, it can be used as front-facing as well as on the hip and back, with all-important lumbar support making it a really great carrier. At £125, considering all its functions, this is great value for money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Keri: The Beco sling is brilliant, it makes life far easier for me as a mum because short trips to the shops can be done carrying my little one, instead of the hassle of using a pushchair. It means that you can get out and about and into smaller spaces with your baby. Also, it’s so comforting for your baby to be so close to you!

Kate: A sling is an essential piece of baby equipment for a mother. It allows you to do everyday day tasks and be hands-free when you have a clingy baby or toddler. My daughter was happy and comfortable in it in all of the carrying positions, and I had no difficulty getting her in and out. The instructions were clear and helped describe not only the special design features such as the fold-out hood and secret pockets, but it also explains how to use the carrier in different positions. It also had a section on how you can adjust the straps to cross over in the middle of the back which may be more suitable to some people. I have also been using this carrier while 6 months pregnant and have found it very comfortable and easy to use.

Nathasha: I feel a lot more confident carrying my baby on my own and just using it ad hoc around the house, even when doing the gardening. I felt the breathability aspect was particularly useful as I felt my baby was actually cooler in the summer heat when I was trying out the carrier. My baby really seemed to enjoy facing outwards in this carrier and would sit in it even on the tube for long periods of time which he never would have done in our other carrier.

Would you choose this product to win?

Keri: The design of the sling is brilliant. It has features that I look for in a sling so I would definitely buy this product. I like the style too as it looks comfy and fashionable. The price of the sling is really good, it matches other slings out there on the market. It seems to have a few more features than other slings out there which is what mums are looking for when purchasing.

Fiona: I definitely think this is up there to win. It is well made. The material feels soft and hard-wearing. There is also a fold-down panel, with a breathable mesh for use on warmer days. We have used it a few times in the rain and there is also a hood. There are a number of handy concealed pockets which were very handy! It’s comfortable to wear, the waist band and back support are more comfortable than a number of other carriers I’ve tried previously. The shoulder straps are also comfortable although I found them to bunch slightly when I tightened the straps. I think this was more apparent as our baby is still small. It has a long shelf life in comparison to other carriers. It is tested from 7-45lbs.

Eliana: I would choose the Beco 8. It is very intuitively made with lots of great features. It is suitable for 7-45lb which is a huge range. It comes with the newborn insert so you don't have to buy that as extra. The waist band has a huge range from 24 inches to 54 inches so it should fit most body types. The padded waist band is very comfortable and has a pocket on for valuables. You can use this carrier in 4 different positions, front facing in, front facing out, hip and on your back. My favourite feature which I haven't seen on other carriers is the mesh zip away option. When it is hot you simply unzip the panel and expose the mesh area to help ventilation and keep baby cool. This then folds into its own pocket. Then in cooler weather, you just sip it back up. It comes in a few different colour choices.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: I struggled doing the strap up at the back with my baby in the carrier as I needed someone to make sure they wouldn't fall out. I would prefer the strap to be at the front. I also found the product to be quite bulky with lots of straps for me. Personally, I prefer the baby carriers that do not have lots of straps as I get confused with which one does what.

Kate: Compared to other products I have used, this carrier is a bit bulkier and heavy. This would be expected in this carrier as it has lots of additional features compared to other carriers I have used. Perhaps the addition of a bag to put the carrier in might help make it feel smaller and more compact as I feel it currently takes up a lot of room when placed in the bottom of the pushchair for days out.

Fiona: This isn’t the easiest product to get on and off. You probably need to spend a bit of time adjusting the straps and waist band to fit then tucking away the surplus straps length. There is not a huge difference size-wise between my husband and myself, but it still needed a bit of resizing between users which was a bit of a faff. Also when I was trying to put it on with the baby in position, it takes a bit of practice and I needed the instructions the first few times.

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