Phil&Teds Parade review

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Phil&Teds Parade

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A lightweight baby carrier option that’s really compact when folded. We like the bottle-holders and pockets, and love the detachable backpack for little ones to wear when walking.

The shoulder and hip straps are well padded and comfortable, and it’s easy to lift it on and off your back. Suitable from six months to 18kg.


Tested by Kate Bishop, mum to Holly, six months, and Poppy, two and a half years. She says:

So compact – it’s small enough to fit in the pushchair basket or car footwell. And it’s so easy to fold up, which makes it great for holidays and café trips, as you can tuck it away quickly.

Sturdy yet comfy, it sat well on my hips. Both children fitted in it well and they each seemed happy and comfy.

My only complaint is that the stand is a bit unstable, so it falls over easily.

Tested by Kate Gillies, mum to Rafe, 13 months. She says:

Rafe was happy in this, and I like the bold colour. However, it’s too basic for me. You can only adjust the shoulder straps and not the back height, so the hip-belt didn’t sit well.

I felt the metal frame around my hips, and most of the weight was distributed across my upper body, which was impractical and uncomfortable for anything more than a short walk.

Tested by Nikki Hunt, mum to Emmy, two years. She says:

My favourite! There’s no headrest for naps, but it’s lightweight and compact when folded, so fab for popping in my small car boot. It’s comfortable and simple to adjust – the harness is easy to fasten.

I can reach the support leg unaided and there’s plenty of storage space. Emmy loved being able to fill the little bag with all her ‘treasures’ too.

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