LittleLife Ranger S2 Baby Carrier review

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LittleLife Ranger S2 Baby Carrier

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The LittleLife Range S2 is a lightweight back carrier available, weighing just 1.7kg, perfect for throwing on at a moments notice for short walks whether you're in the town or country.

At a glance:

LittleLife’s Ranger Baby Carrier is so light it’s ridiculous! It pops on and off easily and is robust as well as comfortable – for both wearer and child. The baby carrier backpack adjusts easily and the inclusion of a front bumper dribble pad is ingenious – even better is that it can be removed and washed.

It has nice little storage pockets although there could be more! What would be a brilliant addition to this product is a stand or extra leg that would convert the carrier into a self-standing chair for rest/lunch breaks; as it is, the carrier does not stand upright without an adult's foot on the anchor point.

It also doesn’t collapse, which makes storage difficult, and it does take up quite a bit of room in the boot – the simple inclusion of a hinge at either side of the frame at the bottom would make it possible to fold the carrier flat. With small corrections, the Ranger Baby Carrier would be perfect. Stylish, secure and sturdy, it makes taking little ones out and about an absolute pleasure.

What they say:

Being lightweight and simple to use makes it the perfect progression from a front carrier for those who want to stay mobile and active, leaving the pushchair at home.

Despite its pared down design, it still finds room for an adjustable back system and two handy hip pockets. It also has a storage pouch which is available to buy separately.

Tested by Kate Bishop:

“This is stylish, lightweight and really good value. It suited both my children’s ages well.

“There’s no stand, which I missed, but it’s easy to use unaided. I like the way both the child and adult straps fasten really securely. But I could feel the bar at the base of my back, despite the padding, which was uncomfy on long walks.

“There also needs to be a bit more storage.”

Tested by Kate Gillies:

“I found this to be the most logical and user-friendly strap design – it went over Rafe’s head and had one central clip, then one either side for stability. If only all carriers worked like this!

“The shoulder straps are good quality, plus it’s lightweight, slimline and comfortable for longer walks. One drawback – it doesn’t stand up on its own, but at the price, I can live with that.”

Tested by Nikki Hunt:

“Even though this was less adjustable than some of the others tested, it was so much easier to get comfortable and feeling ‘right’. The child harness is easy to fasten and adjust.

“It also had the best headrest, as it’s firm and cushioned. There’s no support leg, though, so I had to anchor it with my foot to keep it stable when it was on the floor. The storage is minimal too.”

VIDEO: LittleLife Ranger Baby Carrier

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Product Information

  • Weight: 1.7kg (3lb 12oz)

  • Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 75cm

  • Max load: 20kg

  • Adult Fit: 5`2" - 6`2"

  • Suitable for ages: 6 months - 3 years

  • Adjustable backsystem: Adjustable

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