Izmi Essential Baby Wrap review

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Izmi Essential Baby Wrap

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New from Izmi, this Essential version of their popular baby wrap comes in at a lower price point but still gives you peace of mind with high quality.

It's made from super soft jersey cotton (95%), making it cosy against yours and baby's skin. It's easy to use and wear, giving you the chance to embrace babywearing without a massive price tag. It's made from purely material, meaning there are no buckles or straps to battle with.

The Izmi Essential Baby Wrap is suitable from birth up to 9kg (20lb) - that's about nine months.

Included in the box is a leaflet explaining how to use the wrap safely, and how to put the wrap on, with clear diagrams and instructions, for the different ways you can wear it. There's also a support page available at izmibaby.co.uk/support

It's available in light grey and mid grey colours.

How did this product make your life easier?

I love using a baby wrap, making it easy to go for walks or hold my baby close to me while I'm doing housework. 5pm seems to be the witching hour in our house, so wearing baby in a wrap at this time means we can all be a bit calmer at the end of the day. This wrap is easy to use and wear, and the price is great compared with other baby slings on the market.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yes, definitely, whether they're new to babywearing or are experienced. It's a soft material that I'm happy to wear throughout the day - I have another carrier that I can get a bit hot wearing, but this was comfy. It's easy to adjust and put on. There are good instructions included in the box, with easy-to-understand diagrams, although I still like to watch a YouTube video to remind myself how to set a wrap up safely and properly.

How to use a wrap safely: read our article explaining the TICKS method

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Yes - it's great quality and the price is excellent. A lot of wraps cost a lot more and you wonder why, when they're all a similar strip of fabric, but I like the brand and the quality feels excellent. I'm confident this will last for several months until my little one grows too big.

What changes would you make to this product?


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