Infantino Carry On Back Carrier review

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Infantino Carry On Back Carrier

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At a glance:

The Carry On Carrier features six pockets plus an adjustable seat that cinches small for newborns and expands for older babies - providing ergonomic support at all stages. Padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt evenly distribute weight for comfortable wearing. A breathable mesh panel keeps air circulation flowing between parent and child, keeping you and baby cool and comfortable in all types of weather.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: I would recommend it to mums because of its versatility from birth through to toddler. I found it very comfortable and easy to use (once you have adjusted it to suit your own measurements). After having used the carrier for an hour, I did not have any aches or pains.

Sharon: Absolutely, there are times that a pram is not suitable (either for the baby/due to the terrain) and I have brought the carrier (which I keep in my car - it takes up very little room). I had tried a back carrier for my now 15-month-old and I found it extremely uncomfortable but this product has so many different adjustors that it fitted perfectly and is so comfortable to carry the baby around in both front and back!

Rowan: I loved the feel of this product, the fabric used was comfortable for me and my baby and felt luxurious. It folded down quite small to be packed into a bag. It is stylish and the pockets in the carrier are useful for all the bits you need to take with you, I could even fit a spare nappy in them! It is also machine washable which is really handy.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: I found his product extremely useful. A weeks shop with a pushchair is completely impractical. With this product, I was able to browse the shop hands-free while my son looked around happily. I could even bend down, as my child felt safe and secure. This product was a life-saver when it came to walking our dogs too as it put no strain at all on my back.

Sarah: This product is highly useful as it is very versatile and can be used in four ways. This ensures it can be used as your child grows and is good value for money in that sense. I love all the pockets it has as this means I do not need to take another bag with me on outings. It is also easy to use whilst sitting down and is comfortable.

Laura: Using this carrier is a great way to continue to bond with baby. It is safe and robust. Saves you having to use the pushchair when out and about and it is easy to put on and easy to adjust. The storage pockets give lots of space for keys, cards and phone – these pockets make the product outstanding above other carriers.

Would you choose this product to win?

Louise: Having used the product I would certainly choose this over others on the market. It stands out because you can also carry your toddler on your back. In addition, other brands of carriers have resulted in me suffering from back and shoulder pain after short usage. This product certainly felt comfortable after having used it for my 12-month-old.

Sarah: I would choose this product above the others available as it is reasonably priced. The main feature which stands out is the number of pockets available. It means I do not need to take another bag out with me. I think this product should win for this reason. It really is user-friendly and has a pocket for everything.

Caroline: The price is reasonable and the carrier is very lightweight so easy to store when you are out and about. The different ways of using it are a bonus - the backpack style is great for older babies but may need a second person to help get it on. The inward-facing style is great for smaller babies or sleeping ones. The forward-facing style is fantastic for nosey babies.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: It is almost impossible to think of something I’d change about this product as I love it so much! Different colour choices would be nice! Other than that I love everything about it. Every aspect of this product from pockets to washing has made my busy lifestyle a lot easier! The weekly shopping trip is now a breeze compared to before!

Lea: It took me a long time to work out how to get it on because of the unclear instructions and because the graphics are small and in black and white. This put me off exploring all of the features of the carrier which was a shame. A bigger, bolder graphic would be more helpful.

Rowan: I would provide more of a back support rather than the waist belt and upper back strap which was quite flimsy and didn't provide me with a lot of support. It didn't feel very sturdy across the upper back with a lot of the weight of the baby pulling down on your shoulders rather than through the back muscles and waist.

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