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Freerider Monlo Baby Sling Carrier at a glance:

All our slings are proudly made from 100% TENCEL™.TENCEL™ fibres which define a new standard of sustainability. Made of wood pulp from natural forests and sustainably managed tree farms. These baby carriers are incredibly soft, light as a feather and incredibly breathable. Its fibres absorb 70% more moisture than Cotton allowing for a drier sleeping environment. Softer than silk, our slings have a smooth surface area, giving the fabrics a soft feel and ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. Its fibres are known to last longer and withstand repeated wash cyclescompared to cotton.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Adelle Barnett says: Carriers suitable for newborns are so much more needed than I first realised. Our baby was born small so the carrier that we had we could not use for the first 6 weeks as she was under 3kg. This carrier is light weight and the material is beautiful but I still found it hard to put on and was not confident it was 100% secure.

Helen Broe says: Carrying my baby calms her and holds her close to my heartbeat so I can walk the dog, run round after other children and resume what I was doing. I love that it is easily transportable and the fact that it’s really fashionable and goes with everything is a plus. I copied the video on the website to tie it and my little one remained calm when putting her in on every occasion.

Brogan Cartwright says: This makes my life easier as a mom as it’s so easy to put on and use and doesn’t require loads of figuring out to be able To use it compared to other brands, it’s very straightforward and comfortable and soft! The designs are beautiful too, my little one fits snugs one it and is definitely very comfortable, there isn’t any faff with getting little One positioned and comfortable in it

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Amy Goddard says: I would, after you get use to using the sling it’s so comfortable for you and you’re little one, I was really nervous at first as my daughter is quite big and I didn’t think it would hold her right, but my it shocked me and it did! The material is super soft and it comes in such a variety of different colours to suite you and your baby!

Charlotte Hunt says: I found this to be a really easy to use wrap, the depth and length of fabric wasn’t overwhelming and the stretch not too great so I felt that once tied and baby secured they didn’t slip or move out of the good position. I also enjoyed that this felt super lightweight so was comfortable to leave on when tied and baby wasn’t in. I found the design to be really stylish and a nice break away from block colours or a botanical design.

Amanda Jones says: Yes, for a light weight, easy to carry around sling I would definitely recommend this product. The cloth is so soft and completely sustainable and the desings are beautiful with plenty of options to choose from. You really feel like your wearing an accessory to your outfit when you've got this on, which compared o other slings is such a benefit. Others out there can be quite large and bulky and look a bit ugly when you've got it on, sometimes making you decide to not use it that day, for only that reason. It also washes really nicely as well

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Naomi Taylor says: The one thing that really makes this product stand out is how light weight it is. I love that it doesn't cause either of us to overheat, its small to fit into you bag and quick to wash and dry. Im not sure I would place it above all other slings as I didn't feel it held my baby as tightly into me as other slings have, possibly due to the type of material. The material doesn't stretch as much as others that I have used therefore I couldn't get it really tight and felt over time my baby slipped down a little. If this aspect was improved it would definitely be a winner.

Gillian Tudur says: I loved that there was a label halfway along the sling so there was always that reference point allowing you to know where to begin. It is a simple funky design at a very good price. Previously I have never taken to slings but this one has changed my mind. can't get enough of it and it supports that back so much more than I ever thought possible from a wrap.

Bethan Warwick says: I don’t think I would choose this product above others on the market, as it does the same job as many other stretchy sling but at a higher price. I also tend to make big babies, and this sling is starting to make my back ache more easily than the more structured sling that I also own (ergobaby 360), even though my baby is still only 12 weeks!

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen Broe says: I would probably reduce its price. I wore it to gymnastics Carrying my baby, helping my two year old. After half an hour the sling started to slip a bit and hurt my back. I don’t know how to improve this but I think this is where I would transition to wearing a baby carrier that is forward facing with buckles. As many of the buckle carriers are from newborn I don’t know if many people would buy both at such a high price.

Amy Goddard says: I’m not sure as I’m still learning to use different techniques (thanks to videos) and get really confident in wearing and using it, a sling already fitted to you seems so much easier when hoping out of a car, however the material sling is a lot more breathable and has so many different way t o can hold them in and I’m going to continue getting the hang of it to get my confidence up!

Amanda Jones says: The only suggested improvement I have would be to maybe add some hooks or loops across the fabric at points where it needs tk be crossed that way you know 100% that you've put the sling together correctly and securely and there are no mistakes. The first few times I used it,.I really questioned whether I'd done it correctly and have to keep.going back to watch the videos. With some little markers in the fabric or some.hooks or loops you'd know for sure you'd wrapped it correctly. Also I don't know if this is possible but if the fabric could be splash proof that would also be useful, should you get caught out in the rain.

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