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Ergobaby Embrace Newborn Baby Carrier at a glance:

Soft, cosy and super comfortable, this newborn baby carrier is the sweetest way to stay connected. No complicated wrapping or tying, Embrace keeps you and baby close as you find your new rhythm together. Cosy & ergonomic - Cuddly jersey fabric keeps your baby close to your heart in its natural position. It offers a supporting waist belt & spreadable shoulder straps. With easy buckling without the frustration of wrapping or excessive fabric and compact and lightweight with Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 Certified Fabric. Embrace has the ErgoPromise 10-year Guarantee and is machine washable. Acknowledged as hip healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen Broe says: This product is a hybrid of a sling combined with a carrier. When I put the Ergo Embrace on my baby will feel so comfortable she will fall asleep far quicker than other carriers. Her head is well supported and I have been able to bend down and tie my toddlers shoe laces whilst carrying my baby. I am also able to get ready at the speed of light with the simple straps that fasten easily. There is no excess material to tuck away which I am used to being such a small build. The weight is evenly distributed across my shoulders and I have never noticed any red marks on my baby's legs. With other carriers I have even changed her outfit so the material did not dig in, however she is able to wear anything as the material hugs her without rubbing.

Stacey Donaldson says: This product has made life as a mum easier because it has freed up my hands to wrestle my toddler while still keep close contact with my baby. I need to be able to be hands free but still provide closeness for the little one so its perfect for that plus the added bonus of being stylish and comfortable.

Gemma Evans says: This product makes my life easier as a mum as I was able to transport my baby around without having to build up her buggy. I also have an 18 month old toddler so it made walks out with her easier as I had two hands free whilst out walking which meant I could support both children at the same time. My youngest child was quite unsettled in the first few months so I was able to get on with jobs around the house whilst carrying her in the carrier.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Charlotte Hunt says: The carrier was extremely quick to fasten and get on once you had adjusted the waist band. The straps are very conveniently located so there is no awkward stretching to get everything fastened and tightened. The fabric is wonderfully soft and flexible surrounding the baby and on the straps, there were also no sections where the webbing straps were causing friction or discomfort. However I found the body section to be relatively short overall.

Bijal Patel says: I would definitely recommend this product to others. Not only is it very easy to fold with a soft fabric but also very easy to clean. Most importantly it is straight forward when it comes to wearing the carrier. Less fiddly makes it easier for us to use daily and with the current pandemic this came in handy.

Keya Shah says: I would, but I would recommend the ergo baby omni 360 more. However, the embrace has great features. The best being that its super soft and flexible, and actually is a great stepping stone to building confidence to baby carrying, which is what I needed and is great for first time mums. Its easy to fold away into the pram when you go for walks and want the option of both, or if you have taken the car seat which only allows 90 mins at a time. Its fabric means it is easily washable and thats a key feature for all mums.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Naomi Treasure says: I would highly recommend this products. As a mother who suffers from lower back pain this carrier has helped this. The material is soft and the design makes for very comfortable carrying position. It’s very easy to use and therefore no questioning if your baby is supported or in the correct position. The sleek design is not only modern but also means baby can easily see out when they start getting inquisitive.

Frances West says: From the range of carriers that I have either tried or owned the Ergo baby is far better than the stretchy sling I used to wear. With a stretchy wrap they are good for quick ups and down but I found that over time the fabric would sag and the position of the baby would mean their head and hips were not supported. The Ergo baby means that I have the comfort of a stretchy with the added support of a buckle carrier which I love. It is so soft that I never worried about any rubbing on my new born skin and their position never changed whilst out on a dog walk. I really enjoyed testing the Ergo baby, firstly it is a beautifully soft carrier. Secondly it is very comfortable. The ease of being able to adjust it means that it takes no time at all to get it on and off. I also received a lot of comments regarding the look of the carrier as it really does make the baby look as they are really safe and snug. It has very straightforward instructions for use and in comparison to others on the market it has merits with its durability, cost effectiveness and general usefulness as carrier. It also stands out because aside from using a stretchy sling there are not many carriers out there that offer what the Ergo baby does and this is comfort and support that you can really rely on. I really liked the fact that I didn’t once worry about my new born neck position nor his leg placement whilst in the carrier and I used it from one week old.

Ellie Wolf says: The product is certainly affordable and isn't much more expensive than buying a stretchy sling. I think this product should win because it has the comfort of a sling but is so much easier to put on and keep the baby so much more secure. I would choose this carrier over any other now because it's so well made and perfect for small babies. My baby was very small when she was born and it's one of the only carriers suitable for newborns because it has the ability to be made smaller by folding up the bottom panel.

What changes would you make to this product?

Keya Shah says: It would be great to somehow have the perfect combination of the Embrace and the Omni 360. With the softness of the Embrace in the Omni 360. It would also be a great idea to add a hood or protective layer so that if it rains or is very windy you have added protection for the baby. So actually if I have to pick it would be adding a hood like with the other ergo baby carriers.

Helen Broe says: I know lots of mums who buy material slings and a carrier and I think this would be a great money saver and very fairly priced compared to others on the market. The weight distribution is perfect and the baby cannot slump to one side even when sleeping. The head support is really good but my baby is also able to see the world around her when she is awake and I feel connected to her. The video and instructions are very clear and set up takes minimal time compared to other more complex carriers. I would certainly recommend this to win a prize.

Naomi Treasure says: I have and do love this product. If I could change one thing it would be to increase the material or provide a head rest flap for more support as baby grows. When my son is asleep in the sling his head needs more support to ensure a comfortable position. I feel this could be very simply to achieve and a great addition to an already fantastic product.

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