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Tula Toddler Carrier

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At a glance:

Baby Tula is an award-winning, industry leader which has created ergonomic toddler carriers. They are a safe and easily adjustable carrier solution with a streamlined, taller and wider design to improve comfort. The carriers are made in a wide variety of prints which makes them both useful and stylish.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Samantha: This carrier works well with a busy lifestyle. It will carry my heavier toddler with ease so when she doesn't want to walk anymore I can piggyback her with 2 free hands. It is easy to wash if any spills occur and the designs are unisex. It's compact once folded up so storing it in the back of the car won't take up much space.

Rachael: This carrier provides a couple of options for carrying your little one as they grow as it covers quite a big age/weight range. The shoulder straps are very well padded & the wide belt provides good lumbar support which is important as they get bigger. I really liked the built-in pocket which fitted my phone, keys & loose change.

Claire: Yes, I would 100% recommend this to a friend. It is easy to use and completely adaptable, meaning anyone is able to adjust the straps to ensure a comfortable fit. It is easy to put on and comes with clear instructions. The large size of the product means that it will really last too - my four-year-old still fits in it!

How did this product make your life easier?

Kelly: Using the Tula makes it easier for me to nip to the shops or to town without having to take my pram. It helps make my daughter nap easier as she is close to my chest which is comforting for her and me.

Claire: This product is a total lifesaver. I've always used a carrier, but I've never had a toddler sized one before. It makes life so much easier as I know that my son is guaranteed to fall asleep. It's really handy if we're going somewhere that it might be hard to take a buggy - e.g. the beach or a very crowded place. I can pop him easily on my front or back and carry him comfortably. I really love this product.

Amy: We were able to go on a 12-mile walk in the Peak District, which is something we loved to do before we had our son. I have attempted walking with other brands of baby carriers and they were too uncomfortable to wear. This is very comfortable due to the padding and design.

Would you choose this product to win?

Ruth: Yes I think it should win. I like the multiple bright designs as they allow you to pick one that suits your personality. The carrier is easy to use and very comfortable to wear. My two favourite features are the very wide and padded waist strap as it is very comfortable and helps distribute the child’s weight, as well being easy to adjust. Also, the hood option to help with nap times which all parents know are such an important part of daily life.

Samantha: Yes. The arms are fantastic. It's like putting on a backpack rather than other carriers that connect together using clasps. The safety elastic around the waist buckle is also a bonus as it helps guide me into buckling it together.

Helen: I would choose this carrier over others on the market as it is so easy to wear and use. There has obviously been a lot of thought, care and attention to detail put into designing this carrier to make sure it is comfortable and safe to use. The wide range of designs perfect and I love the fact that you can also get coordinating hip bags to store those little extras such as a nappy, wipes or a purse.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy: If I could change one thing about this carrier. I would put some breathable material between the toddler and my back. As I am slightly embarrassed to admit, after our 12-mile hike, I took my son out of the carrier and his chest and stomach was wet from my back sweat. Which had he of been in it any longer would have irritated him.

Claire: This product is pretty amazing but if I could change anything, then it would be the sizing. It says that it is a toddler carrier but it is a bit big for my 17-month-old. Whilst I love the product, I think it would be good for sizing to be a bit clearer as it comes up a bit big.

Kelly: If the shoulder straps could be made less bulky that would be nice but I appreciate this would be difficult to do due to the maximum height and weight the Tula holds. Maybe a zip pocket on the front so you could put phone or money in there. Otherwise, I like the product and it is very useful.

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