VTech VM5261 Safe & Sound 5in Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Monitor review

from VTech
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VTech 5261 Video 5 Inch Baby Monitor

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

VTech's Safe & Sound video monitorwill give you peace of mind as it lets you see your baby rest and play. With anextra-wide lens giving you a fuller picture even in the dark, it also has four nature sound effects, five lullabies and white noise, to help soothe your baby.

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Tested by real mums for the 2020 M&B Awards:

How did this product make your life easier?

Debbie: Having a bigger monitor screen helped to check on the baby, as well as the wider lens helping with the positioning of the monitor. The temperature display helped to keep checking that it wasn't too hot in the room, and enabled us to not have to use an additional product for this. The talk feature also helped to settle the baby without us having to keep coming into the room and disturb her more.

Christina: Love, love, love this monitor!! The wide 5” colour screen makes seeing my baby so clearly. The Vtech safe and sound monitor also comes with an additional wide lens to be able to pan a larger room if needed. I love the reassurance that I am able to leave my baby in a room and do my housework while still having a clear view of my baby with the portable high-resolution screen.

Alexandra: I would always choose a video monitor for my children, it gives me peace of mind when I can see them and a sense of security. It allows me to see if my child is just stirring and therefore I don't need to enter the room to disturb them. The range on this monitor is good and allows me to take it into all rooms in the house (4-bed house) and into the garden without losing any connection and the battery life lasts well too.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: I would definitely recommend this monitor to a fellow parent. It's very easy to set up and use which is a big plus. It's lightweight yet durable and can easily be carried around with you. It has a large screen (5 inches!) that is very clear even at night thanks to the automatic infrared night vision. It has a zoom function and can also tilt and pan to give you optimal viewing ability.

Hannah: I would recommend this to a friend. It is a great piece of kit. The monitor is very easy to set up and mount on the wall and the quality of the camera is similar to others on the market. It has a lullaby feature like many others but also has a sound feature (white noise, babbling brook, and heartbeat) which is a really nice addition letting you select one to help baby fall back asleep.

Amy: I would recommend this as it literally has every feature you look for in a monitor. The night vision is great and you can have the sound on the parent unit so you can hear if the baby makes any noises. If I hear baby starting to murmur I try playing white noise or a melody or speak through the monitor first to see if it settles him and sometimes that's all he needs to go back to sleep. It also has a wide lens that you can attach to see more of the room.

Would you choose this product to win?

Dominique: I would for the purpose I am using it for (toddler) I feel it should win as it’s value for money and the large screen and audio technology in my eyes is superior to other similar products. However, I haven’t o say that if being used for a small baby I would perhaps lean towards one that has a sensor pad as well as for my peace of mind I like knowing that aspect is available.

Erin: I think this product should win due to the high quality of image and sound displayed by the monitor and camera. The screen is large so you can clearly see your baby and it's surroundings. The pan and tilt feature of the camera is brilliant meaning you can easily control and adjust it from the parent unit without disturbing your baby or the set up of the camera. I liked the additional features such as the ability to play lullabies and nature sounds over the monitor and you can talk to your baby with just the push of one button on the parent unit. The functionality is so easy to use and understand. The fact that it comes with 2 plugs, one for the camera and one for the unit means that you don't have to compromise turning the camera off to charge the parent unit.

Angela: This video monitor is really easy to use and set up. It appears to be secure with no risk of hackers into the system. The fact that it demonstrates room temperature gives added information to make sure the baby is settled in their bedroom and the opportunity for 2 way communication means that you can often settle baby without going into the room.

What changes would you make to this product?

Christina: There is nothing I would change about this monitor!! I was very happy when I received this product and tested it out. This monitor has everything and more that I would want from a good quality baby monitor, from the sleek design to all the features. I would highly recommend the Vtech Safe and sound monitor to anyone looking to purchase a baby monitor.

Angela: It would be useful to have the option for an app to view the baby so that it can be viewed even without the monitor. I am also not clear about how the multiple screen feature would work. Greater battery life is always useful, as would the ability to record video to play back. The image resolution, although good, could also always be clearer, especially in night vision mode.

Hannah: I wouldn't change much about this camera and the way it operates. Sadly the first one that was delivered was damaged and I couldn’t see the screen but VTech replaced it for me. I guess if I had to find something to change it would be to make the parent unit a little more robust as if it got damaged in transit I'm not sure how well it would withstand a knock in the household should it fall.

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