Bluebell Smart Monitoring System review

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Bluebell Smart Monitoring System

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The Bluebell Smart Monitoring System keeps you connected with your little one on a whole other level. It provides a watch so you can check on your baby wherever and whenever and keep it with you at all times. The system silently monitors your baby and will alert you through the app on your phone. It can detect your baby's breathing and temperature, detects any crying, and will even alert you when they roll on their tummies.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Louise: The Bluebell monitor provides peace of mind for anxious parents - the fact it isn't "just" a baby monitor, but you can track lots of aspects of your baby's care is brilliant. From feeding to nappy changes, room temperature and remote control of things like white noise and how bright the nightlight is, the Bluebell monitor makes it simple to track.

Ellen: This product is great for reassurance while your baby is sleeping, particularly when they go into their own room and they have started to roll! It’s also great for tracking sleep and feeds, which when you’re waking several times a night, you can’t recall by the morning. The watch is comfortable and the monitor fits on the baby with no issues.

Annie: When the monitor is attached to the baby, the app is really clear to show their movements, vital signs such as their breathing, and alerts you as to whether they are crying. As a mum, it's reassuring to have that information on hand when you're in a different room. The light on the hub is a soft, gentle light so useful in the room during the night.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Flora: I would recommend the product for the first few months with a new baby due to the ease of use and convenience of wearing the watch. The monitor is safe for baby and, as long as everything keeps its wireless connection, it all works smoothly for peace of mind. The hub has a nightlight, which is also useful, and docking for charging is very easy.

Annie: This is a step up in terms of technology from the usual baby monitor so will be of interest to mums who want to have their baby's vital signs at their fingertips. It also gives you the temperature of the room. I would recommend this to a mum whose baby is already sleeping in a different room as it gives you more than just the basic information.

Bethany: The reassurance is the best thing from this. You know you can go do your jobs and leave your baby to nap upstairs and not having to disturb that, it’s also handy when dealing with older kids for this reason you can put them down and know they’re okay, it tells you when they’re crying etc. The only thing I’d change is to make it so you can't turn off the alarm that sounds off if baby stops breathing. I know I’d wake up from vibrations on the bracelet but my husband wouldn’t, or maybe make it so the base station sounds an alarm. The sharing baby care with grandparents and the like is also handy so everyone knows how the baby is and what they need and when.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ellen: I would recommend this product because it gives complete peace of mind on how your baby is sleeping without having to disturb them. The software allows you to track essentials that are otherwise forgotten when you’re sleep-deprived. The devices are easy to wear and operate with a smart-looking charging station.

Louise: Despite the many brilliant functions the Bluebell offers, it wouldn't be my first choice. This is for a couple of reasons - the primary one being that I don't feel I need something quite as comprehensive and in-depth as the Bluebell. The second reason is connectivity- despite several attempts at reconnecting the devices and once getting in touch with the company, the connectivity isn't the best. We do live in an old house which may have something to do with this, but getting repeated disconnection notifications was quite annoying!

Flora: I think this product is brilliant for a certain market: wealthy, nervous parents who love technology. Is it an essential piece of kit for every new parent? No. This is a great baby monitor for those who want a reliable heart-rate monitoring tool. Personally, I prefer a camera, which is probably cheaper and will be useful for longer.

What changes would you make to this product?

Annie: If I could change one thing it would be the lack of a visual monitor. I got so stressed when the hub kept on sending me texts saying my baby was crying or that she was on her tummy when in fact she was on her side, and this could have easily been overcome by being able to see her on a screen. Being reliant on the app and text notifications, which was also reliant on the Internet not failing, added to the stress.

Bethany: I’d make it so the alarms can’t be accidentally turned off and maybe so the base station will also sound an alarm too, as some people don’t sleep with their phones in the bedroom or could be heavy sleepers like my husband and easily sleep through the watch vibrating. It could also be made so you could anchor the monitor to your phones own WiFi meaning you can still use it when out? I’m not sure if that’s possible though.

Ellen: I wouldn’t change anything about this product. The only problem I had was that as I live in an old house with thick walls, sometimes the signal was lost. However, this was not a problem related to the product in any way. Maybe another base was needed to ensure the signal remained strong throughout the house.

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