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summer infant baby pixel monitor

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Summer Infant's award-winning Baby Pixel Monitor gives you control and a peace of mind when letting your baby go to sleep. It has a 360 tilt camera and a Sleepzone alert feature that helps with a parent's nighttime worries. The Baby Pixel is easy to set up and includes a talkback feature to reassure your little one too.

How did this product make your life easier?

Catherine: Leaving my baby, even for a second, is often hard - but necessary. This product meant I could leave my little girl, but still feel like she was as safe as she would be if I were next to her. The picture quality was excellent even at night / in the dark. The boundary feature is excellent and being able to move the camera from the control gives that extra peace of mind. It will make it so much easier to wean myself away from my little one for naps

Cate: This is a very good baby monitor. It helped me keep an eye on my daughter as she slept. It picks up the noise very well and the picture is very good as well, the night vision is particularly good. gave me confidence that my baby was ok so I didn’t have to keep checking on her. It isn’t complicated to operate, quite straight forward to set up. It has a good battery life and range.

Tasneem: I am very happy with this purchase, its a fantastic upgrade from my old baby monitor. The old one I used to only rely on sound but this one allows me so many more features which all make me feel way more at ease. I love the feature where you are able to create a box of movement around the baby and if they move out of that area then it will alert you, I also love the feature where you are able to tilt the handheld parent unit and the camera will turn or zoom where you want it to. The fact that the camera quality is so amazing as well makes a big difference, I can walk around with the parent unit and keep an eye on my baby. The size of the parent unit makes a big difference as well as if I am doing some housework and I want to quickly glance over, the picture is clear and big enough for me to feel at ease. This is a great baby monitor and the best I have seen or used on the market, I researched a lot of baby monitors but I haven't come across one with as good features as this one.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: Easy to set up and use, even with the second camera. The large screen is fab. No option for no night screen once plugged in which is a shame. Rotation with up to four cameras is fantastic. The box alert function is amazing for a moving toddler trying to climb out the cot. The fancy moonlight button is essentially a spotlight on the child which I see could be very handy.

Gemma: I would recommend this to everyone! It is so easy to set up as it auto connects the monitor to the camera. The instructions looked daunting to me at first but once I started reading them, they were so easy to understand and made using the camera a piece of cake! Each mode is explained thoroughly but clearly in a step by step way and it's easy to replicate it on the monitor. I kept the instructions nearby in case I forgot any of the instructions but they were so clear that I've not needed them again. You can set up perimeters on the monitor for motion as well as sound activation alerts that wake you if activated. The quality of the night camera is fantastic and really clear! You can talk back to the baby using the monitor and the baby hears it through the camera which is a really handy feature!

Seema: Great baby monitor, with a good clear sized screen to enable you to see the baby on. The feature of being able to move the camera from the screen in another room is helpful, along with the two way talking and night vision. The camera for the baby room does have a very dim night light. No batteries required, just plug in and ready to go. Overall does everything you need a baby monitor to do.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tasneem: I would choose this product above all on the market because I have researched and looked around for the perfect monitor and I always couldn't decide as I didn't feel the price tag matched the features, The parent held unit is an excellent size, the quality of the camera is HD and great in any light (an issue I had with my old is in the dark I couldn't see anything) I love the 360 tilt feature. its so cool that I can control the position of the camera from where I am seated, The fact that I am able to select a safe zone and area from the parent unit and that it can alert me if my baby has moved from that area is such an excellent feature as my toddler has a habit of getting up and walking around half sleepy. At least I know I won't have this problem as I can add an extra camera and watch him too from the parent unit. I would 100% recommend this item. Its well thought out the design is and it will last me a long time.

Rachael: This product is not a winner in my eyes. For the RRP I would expect something better. The battery life of the video unit was horrendous so I had to use it plugged in all of the time. The fact the video screen goes off after a few seconds and doesn’t come on unless you touch the screen was annoying. The placement and function of the buttons on the video monitor needs more thought to make it more user-friendly. The picture quality is really average and I would hope for better. The contrast is sometimes wrong depending on changing light too.

Julie: I think I would probably shop around more for a video monitor as there is one thing that we really were put off by on the baby pixel whilst the unit has a vox function this only works for the video so there is constant white noise coming through the parent unit which we found very distracting especially when we had a fan on in our daughters room in warm weather our usual monitors vox would only pick up sound if she spoke or was moving around. What does make the baby pixel standout is the moveable camera which would be great if you had 2 babies in the same room.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine: Nothing - I think this product is really well designed and has all the functions and more that you would wish for in order to feel confident and (almost) happy to leave your little one for a nap - knowing you can see them in the dark or light - and be alerted if you are out of range or they move out of the boundary. As they grow this product grows with them - A*.

Juliette: Definitely the picture quality and sound. I actually struggle to make my little one out on screen and have had to go into the room to check she's ok, which kind of defeats the object of having a camera. I also now can't hear what she says. We've positioned the camera close to her head, and even with it that close I can't make out her words, it's just a quiet noise.

Gemma: For me, the cost is a little bit steep but I understand that this is because it reflects the quality of the product. Other than this, I would perhaps move the safety labels down the monitor wire a bit as it is in the way of the monitor. The wire is very long on the monitor anyway so to have the labels at the end means they can get in the way and sometimes cause the monitor to fall over as the labels are underneath the stand. Despite this, the monitor and camera are fantastic.

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