Over-zealous bump-touchers and 11 other things you only know if you’re pregnant

by Joanna Dunbar |
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While it’s a very special time, carrying your baby lasts for 40 weeksand by the time you are holding your new arrival in your arms, there will definitely be aspects of pregnancy you’ll be glad to see the back of.

Whether you are having yourself and bump out of bed or dealing with well-meaning strangers, maybe it helps to know you are not alone and that there are some universal struggles for all mums-to-be…


Pregnancy truths

Pregnant woman holding her bump1 of 12

1) Hands off!

Over-zealous bump-touchers who think you are public property.

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2)Optical illusion

It doesn’t matter how hard you glare, some folk just love to tell you how huge/tiny/knackered you look.

Pregnant woman on the bus3 of 12

3) Story time

It’s open season for everyone else to share their pregnancy and birth stories. Thank you, random woman on the bus.

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4) Sofa situation

All you want to do is sit down on the sofa. But as soon as you do, you can’t get comfortable.

Pregnant woman crossing her legs5 of 12

5) Toilet break

Needing a wee. Every half an hour.

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6) Travel system science

The feeling you need a PhD to work out the mysterious world of travel systems.

Hint: go and browse in Mamas & Papas or Mothercare or book an appointment at a John Lewis nursery department to work out what you need.

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7) Nervous tummy

Feeling anxious before a scan. It’s natural to be nervous.

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8) Just breathe

Your growing baby has got very cosy in your uterus and pushed your diaphragm up, giving your lungs less space than usual.

This may make you feel a bit breathless which is normal, but if you feel faint, in pain or can’t catch your breath then seek medical assistance.

Woman outside holding her bump9 of 12

9) A tight squeeze

The sudden realisation that you plus bump don’t fit through certain gaps anymore.

Pregnant woman relaxing with her dog10 of 12

10 Home bird

Nesting and napping become way more appealing than glamming up and going out.

Pregnant woman sleeping11 of 12

11) Oh so tired...

But oh so awake at 5am. Every morning. Pregnancy insomnia doesn’t happen to everyone but when it hits, you know about it. Yawn.

Pregnant woman and partner feeling her bump12 of 12

12) Time flies by

Yet you are still impatient to meet your little one.

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