Your pregnancy month by month

month by month

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It’s such an exciting time when you’re pregnant, there are so many changes going on within your body as your baby grows.

Follow the links below to find out each of the key milestone moments for each month of your pregnancy including symptoms, baby development, body changes and your baby’s position.

Your first trimester: What to expect!

pregnancy test
Young Asian woman holding home pregnancy test and looking cheerful. The longest wait ever. Life changing moment. Am I ready to be pregnant? Dream came true.

1 month pregnant

2 months pregnant

3 months pregnant

Your second trimester: scans and what is a MAT B1 form

scan photo

4 months pregnant

5 months pregnant

6 months pregnant

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Your third trimester: the final countdown!

third trimester

7 months pregnant

8 months pregnant

9 months pregnant

Finding out the sex of your baby – the pros and cons

How big is my baby? Week by week in fruit and veg!

Brilliant ways to bond with your bump

When can your baby hear in the womb?

Are baby hiccups in the womb normal?

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