14 mums share their ‘weird’ pregnancy cravings to prove anything goes

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Thought you'd never be the type to scoff on green paper towels? Would sooner vom than eat a super noodle sandwich?

Yep, us too, though eating etiquette seems to go out of the window for lots of expectant mothers as soon as the pregnancy cravings kick in.

‘80 percent of pregnant women report having cravings of some kind,’ explains Professor of Nutrition, Susan Roberts, ‘so it’s completely normal!’

Sometimes your cravings can be an indicator that your body is lacking in vital nutrients, e.g. a hankering for steak may mean you're iron levels are low.

For others, it's the 'crunch' or unique texture that has them fantasising about eating sand.

Sometimes it's completely and utterly nonsensical!

We asked our lovely #mumtribers what 'weird' things they've craved during their pregnancies... their answers do not disappoint...


pregnancy cravings

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1) Green paper towels

"I’m embarrassed to even admit this, but green paper towels (like the ones from primary school!)
We got them in work once instead of our usual ones and I never actually ate one but I just smelt them and so badly wanted a bite. The girls in work had to stop me!" - Chlöe Spratt

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2) Gummy bears

"I wanted gummy bears! I was craving them for days and my husband kept saying don’t be silly and it’ll wear off... till he eventually had to go to four shops to find me some. He ended up with a bag of star mix... I only ate the gummy bears as the rest didn’t even touch the spot!" - Samantha Shea

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3) Mr Freeze ice poles

"We worked out that I ate over 2000 during the course of my pregnancy and complained to Tesco when they put them in the freezer (oops). My friends knew which house was mine for my baby shower due to the boxes in the recycling. “I’d have eaten my hand if it wasn’t your house. Who else would eat ice lollies in October.” - Polly Boyse

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4) Sand

"My craving with my almost 2 year old and I’m my current pregnancy was the same....sand. I crave the crunch of it between my teeth. Thought it might be to do with low iron levels but no,they’re just fine!" - Jemma Dee

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5) Raw carrots

"I couldn't get enough of them. I'd get up in the night to eat a couple. Pre-pregnancy, I always kept carrots in for our dog as a treat. Poor thing couldn't work out why I kept munching on his snack! Honestly thought the baby was going to come out with floppy ears." - Lauren Draper-Wood

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6) Super noodle sandwiches

"Chicken flavour super noodle sandwiches, but had to be white bread (I don't normally eat either)" - Jacinta Wilmot

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7) Mangos

"Mangos throughout pretty much and I was eating mango chutney by the pot by the end!
I had more adversions [than cravings]! Early on, my boyfriend cooked mushrooms and I legit thought he was trying to kill me, I felt that repulsed at the smell! I couldn't even open the fridge for 3 weeks!" -Molly Baker

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8) Cauliflower

"Cauliflower cheese, I could bowls of it and cheese with pickled onions, later on it was strawberry laces and then I had gestational diabetes and wasn’t allowed to eat any of it!" - Liza Sharman

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9) Antibacterial gel

"Sniffing wet antibacterial gel, couldn't get enough of the burning nose sensation!" - Elizabeth Anne

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10) Egg and cress sandwiches

"Egg and cress sandwiches! I had at least one a day and started to buy them from lots of different places to see if I could find the best.... It's Co-ops in case you wanted to know" - Tara George

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11) Subway sandwiches

"Which was really strange considering I’d never had them or been particularly fussed about having them before, but the craving for them was strong enough for me to go out my way to get them (or get my hubby to get one for me!) That, and gherkins - what a cliche!" - Demelsa Coleman

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12) Hash browns

"Suffered with hyperemesis so thought they would be my worst nightmare but couldn't get enough. My record was seven in one sitting!" -Sam Townsend

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13) Red wine

"Red wine....no joke. It was my only craving" - Lucy Coe

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14) Blue Raspberry slushies

"I Had hubby driving all around Leeds to find a place that did them .. turns out after all that the pub around the corner did .. they must of thought hubby was mad when he took in two sports bottles and told them to fill them up and he would pay whatever. They only charged us £2! Ha!" - Amy Travis


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