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If you've already told your partner you're pregnant, you might now be thinking about ways to announce your pregnancy to your wider circle.

If you're ready to make that big announcement yet you have no idea how to share the delightful news with your family and friends, then you might be in need of a little inspiration. While there are hundreds of places you can look for pregnancy announcement ideas, we gathered together the best ones that will make for a great memory to add to the family photo album.

From promoting your children or pets to 'big bros/sisters', to puzzles for future grandparents, we've narrowed down lots of creative ways to tell family you're pregnant both online and in person.


Announcing pregnancy ideas

calendar pregnancy announcement 1 of 31

1) The due date

Keep your announcement simple by recreating this gorgeous photo. All you need is a calendar (with the due date circled), a scan photo and maybe a flower or two! You could even include a cuddle toy to give your little one when they arrive.

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egg pregnancy announcement 2 of 31

2) Little one hatching

Although it may be a little fiddly to arrange, this would be a cute little announcement if you're sharing the news around Easter!

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eviction notice pregnancy announcement 3 of 31

3) Eviction notice

If you have a little one who still sleeps in a cot, this creative and funny way to announce your pregnancy will have everyone smiling... except maybe for the evictee!

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parents in shops4 of 31

4) Baby preparation

If you're looking for a pregnancy announcement that differs from balloons, baby vests and pregnancy scans, why not go for something a little more humorous and head to the baby aisle of your local store? It'd make a fun memory that everyone will love.

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beach pregnancy announcement 5 of 31

5) Baby on board

You will probably be needing a baby on board sign anyway, so why not get creative with it and use it to announce your pregnancy? You don't just have to be at a beach, you could go to the park, pop it in your car or even hold it over your little bump!

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knitting pregnancy announcement 6 of 31

6) Get knitting

What better way to surprise future grandmas than with the old cliche that all grannies knit? It'll be a wonderful surprise and who knows, you might get a few baby shoes and hats knitted for you too!

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little little baby grow 7 of 31

7) Big little, littlest little

If you already have a little one already, why not pop them in a 'big bro/sis' t-shirt and tell your family to read their top? It even makes for a cute picture if you get a matching romper ready for your latest addition!

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gaming pregnancy announcement 8 of 31

8) Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3

For families that love playing games, this announcement would be perfect for you! With the third player 'loading' you could even add how many weeks you are. E.g. loading: 15%.

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pet pregnancy announcement 9 of 31

9) The four-legged siblings

Have a dog or cat? If they're happy to get involved, include them in the announcement by sharing their promotion to big brother or sister!

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couple holding pregnancy scan10 of 31

10) Keep it simple

Instead of trying to come up with the most effective and expensive pregnancy announcement, why not keep it simple with a picture of your family with a baby scan?

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game of thrones pregnancy announcement  baby grows11 of 31

11) A baby is coming...

For Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon fans, why not announce your little heir to the throne with inspiration from the popular HBO shows?

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pumpkin pregnancy announcement 12 of 31

12) Expecting a little pumpkin

If you're due in October or found out you're expecting in Autumn, this creative way to announce your pregnancy is perfect for an autumnal theme.

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x-ray pregnancy announcement 13 of 31

13) Halloween party outfit

Attending a family or friend's Halloween party? We love this pregnancy-inspired costume to make your announcement all the more memorable.

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superhero pregnancy announcement 14 of 31

14) Every superhero needs a sidekick

If you already have a little one and are looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy, why not use icon duos to announce it? There are tonnes of choices: Batman and Robin, Thing 1 and Thing 2 - take your pick!

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christmas pregnancy announcement 15 of 31

15) 'Say goodbye to silent nights'

This light-hearted pregnancy announcement is ideal when sharing your delightful news at Christmas.

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eating for two t-shirts16 of 31

16) Eating for two

A common excuse (albeit untrue!) when you're pregnant is that you are eating for two, so why not play on the phrase and get your partner involved as well.

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christmas decoration pregnancy announcement 17 of 31

17) Use Christmas decorations

Have you found out you're expecting a little miracle around Christmas? Get creative with Christmas baubles! You could even have some personalised that will last a lifetime.

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balloon pregnancy announcement 18 of 31

18) Expected to pop!

A fun and cheap way to announce your pregnancy is using balloons! It's creative and still makes for a great announcement.

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pregnancy announcement ideas doughnuts19 of 31

19) Lets get eating!

We’re 100 per cent certain friends will be very appreciative of this pregnancy announcement. After all, who doesn’t love a good doughnut?

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pregnancy announcement ideas fortune cookie20 of 31

20) Tell their fortune

If you're planning to have a Chinese takeaway, crack out the fortune cookies. Make sure you pop one in your own plate (so it doesn’t look suspicious) then add this personalised one from Etsy on your friends or family member's plate. Then sit back and wait for their reaction.

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paperclip pregnancy announcement21 of 31

21) Play with paperclips

If you’re announcing your pregnancy over text, this is a really creative and fun way to do it. Just get some paperclips and arrange them to suit your current family situation and send over a photo to your desired contacts with an intriguing message, such as "we’ve got some news" and see what their reactions are.

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Promoted to Auntie22 of 31

22) You've been promoted to...

If you have a sister who loves a brew, then we’re sure she’ll be appreciative of this announcement present. It could even work for those friends who you pick as family too.

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dummy in pot pregnancy announcement idea23 of 31

23) Coming soon

We love this simple, but sweet, pregnancy announcement. It could work for telling your partner, friends or family.

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harry potter pregnancy announcement idea24 of 31

24) I solemnly swear I’ve been up to no good

Harry Potter fans (and anyone with a sense of humour) will love this cheeky baby announcement.

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star wars pregnancy announcement idea25 of 31

25) 'The fourth is with us'

Families who are fans of Star Wars and already have a child can announce the news of their new youngling with this super cool DIY t-shirt. 

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scrabble pregnancy announcement26 of 31

26) Spell it out

Any Scrabble fans in the house? We think this looks really cool. Just write out your announcement on the board and leave it somewhere quite visible in the house to see which friends and family pick up on it first.

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6-Pack-Baby-Pregnancy-Announcement-Scratch-Cards-Lottery27 of 31

27) Scratch Card announcement

Who doesn't like taking part in the odd scratch card? This realistic set of six is very different though and will instead reveal your exciting news.

 Photo announcement Christmas card28 of 31

 28) Photo announcement Christmas card

If you're after a nice simple way to tell your news, this sweet Christmas card has a small envelope on the front which will house your baby's scan (which makes for a lovely keepsake).

Im-Pregnant-Hand-Thrown-Porcelain-Mug29 of 31

29) Reveal mug

Something's brewing... Surprise your family and friends when they're visiting with this mug which announces your pregnancy at the bottom. What better way to find out the amazing news than over a cup of tea?

Square-Great-Mums-Get-Promoted-To-Nanny-Coaster30 of 31

30) Nanny coaster reveal

Sticking with the drinks theme, this coaster is a lovely present to gift a lucky Nanny-to-be and will make her smile every time she puts down her beverage.

Little-Ray-of-Sunshine-30-Piece-Wood-Puzzle31 of 31

31) Puzzle baby announcement

If your relative loves a good puzzle, what about telling them your news with this colourful lightweight wooden puzzle. It comes packaged in a small canvas bag, to keep your puzzle safe and tidy, ready for gifting.

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