Get Ready For Your Baby’s Arrival: Your Essentials Checklist

by Alison Coldridge |
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Wondering what to do for the next few months until your baby gets here? Well there is this to-do list that will make you feel super organised for life as a mum (and more time at the end to put your feet up and watch box sets)

You may have picked the super cute first babygro to treasure for ever, but what about the rest of the stuff you need to get sorted before your baby arrives?

It’s actually easy to do, especially if you spread it out over the months. Plus, it’ll help the transition into mum mode. So avoid the last minute panics and take control of your pregnancy to-do list. And, yes, you can add ‘get as much sleep as poss’ if you like...

Sort your budget

Before you go racing ahead with dreams of you and the bub-to-be rivalling Kim K and North in the style stakes, it’s best to get your money in order. Make a budget to figure out just how much disposable cash you’ll have each month, making allowances for your income change when you’re on maternity leave. Then you’ll know whether you can really afford those miniature Uggs you’ve been eyeing up…

Maternity leave - get clued up

Whether you’re a self-employed mum-to-be or planning on returning to work once your baby’s born, it’s sensible to know exactly where you stand on maternity pay and benefits. After all, you’ll want to enjoy every second you do have off work with your baby. And if you’re partner’s thinking of sharing some of your leave, nows the time to figure out just where his company stands on this.

Avoid the last minute panics and take control of your pregnancy to-do list

The baby kit you will need

Nappies, clothes, wipes, a cot, baby monitor… the list of what you need to buy for your baby can seem overwhelming. Not to mention expensive. But, broken down, it’s not that bad and won’t break the bank. Try to stick to buying just the essentials at first – as tempting up all of Mamas & Papas, you probably don’t need that designer changing bag. And your baby’s cot will be in your room for the first six months, so that nursery colour scheme really can wait...
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Write your birth plan

Writing abirth planwill be a huge help and help you get the best experience you can out of your pregnancy. It will make you think about the best pain relief option for you(if any), consider the possibility of a c-sectionand lots of other factors that could affect your baby's birth.

Your New Must-Have (Hospital) Bag

Babies have a habit of not arriving when they’re supposed to, which is why you should have your hospital bagready to go a few weeks before your due date. And, to stop your main raiding your snack supply (believe us, he will dare), it may be worth him packing a hospital bag of his own.

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Don’t forget the car seat!

If you have a car, you’ll need a properly fitted Group O car seat to take your baby home from hospital. Take the time to find the style, model and design that you’re comfortable with – check out our newborn car seat buying guide for help.

Attending a newborn basics class may put your mind at ease or have a chat with a mum you know for some tips and advice.

Put it in the diary

Trust us, you do need a diary. With all of the doctor’s appointments, baby club sessions and relatives stopping by to meet your new arrival, a diary - be it a handbag-sized old school one or your inbuilt smart phone calendar - is practically as necessary as nappies.

Your new skill set

While probably no mum-to-be in the history of the world has ever felt 100 per cent prepared for their baby, there are some things you can do toinstall some confidence in yourself. Attending a newborn basics class may put your mind at ease or have a chat with a mum you know for some tips and advice.

If you want to give your new (but empty) pram a test drive in the street or ask your friend if you can practice a nappy change on her baby, go ahead. But remember – being a mum is all about instinct and learning as you go. You’ll find your own rhythm in no time at all.

What is your priority before your baby arrives? Let us know in the comments box below.

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