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If you've decided you want to hold a party or get together to announce your baby's gender with friends and family, chances are that you've already been scouring gender reveal ideas. But have you considered gender reveal theme ideas?

From whimsical woodland creatures to majestic prince and princess castles, there is a wide range of gender reveal theme ideas that offer a fun way to announce whether it will be 'pink' or 'blue' joining the family.

To help you narrow down your choice, we've rounded up 25 gender reveal theme ideas to suit every taste and preference. Let the countdown commence as you prepare to unveil the gender of the newest member of the family in serious style.

Gender reveal theme ideas

1. Team sports: Show support for a favourite team by decorating with team shirts and sports gear in their colours, with hints of pink or blue.

2. Superhero showdown: Whether its your home or a local hall, transform your gender reveal venue into a superhero hideout with comic book-themed decorations. Incorporate pink or blue accents into the superhero costumes and props.

3. Bow or arrow: Embrace the theme with cute bow and arrow decorations. For a girl, focus on delicate bows, while for a boy, opt for arrow motifs with subtle pink or blue details.

4. Tutus or ties: Hang adorable tutus and ties as decorations throughout the venue, mixing in pink or blue hues to hint at the gender.

5. He or She? POP to see!: Create anticipation by filling balloons with pink or blue confetti or powder. Guests can pop them simultaneously to reveal the gender in a fun and exciting moment.

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6. Waddle it be? Penguin theme: Add a touch of whimsy with cute penguin decorations, accessorised in shades of pink or blue. Incorporate penguin-themed treats and tableware.

7. What's the scoop? Ice cream theme: Treat your lucky guests to an ice cream bar with a variety of toppings in pink or blue. Decorate with ice cream cones and pastel hues reminiscent of classic ice cream parlours.

8. Under the sea: Transport guests to an underwater wonderland with sea creature decorations in shades of pink or blue. Think mermaids, seashells, and ocean-inspired decor.

9. Jungle safari: Create a safari adventure with jungle animal decorations. Add touches of pink or blue to safari hats and animal prints for a gender-reveal twist.

10. Prince or Princess castle: Transform your venue into a royal castle fit for a prince or princess. Incorporate crowns, tiaras, and regal decor in pink or blue hues.

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11. Hot air balloon adventure: Elevate the celebration with hot air balloon decorations in pink or blue. Use vintage-inspired props and pastel colours to capture the whimsy of a hot air balloon ride.

12. Fireworks spectacular: Light up the sky with a dazzling display of pink or blue fireworks. Set the scene with sparklers and glow-in-the-dark decorations for a memorable reveal.

13. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Create a dreamy atmosphere with star-shaped decorations and twinkling lights. Use soft pastel colours to evoke the magic of a starry night sky.

14. Floral delight: Set the scene with beautiful floral arrangements in shades of pink or blue. Add touches of greenery and garden-inspired decor for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

15. Circus extravaganza: Roll up to the gender reveal circus with colourful carnival decorations. Incorporate pink or blue accents into circus tents, bunting, and playful props.

16. Film night: Host a film-themed gender reveal with a red carpet entrance and Hollywood-inspired decor. Add touches of pink or blue to popcorn buckets and movie ticket invitations.

17. Chalkboard art: Get creative with chalkboard signs featuring adorable drawings and gender reveal messages. Provide chalk for guests to leave their own predictions and well wishes.

18. Classic toy blocks: Spell out the gender with oversized toy blocks in pink or blue. Incorporate toy-themed decorations and playful touches for a nostalgic celebration.

19. Whimsical woodland creatures: Bring the enchantment of the forest indoors with woodland creature decorations. Add hints of pink and blue to foxes, deer, and other woodland friends.

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20. Vintage baby: Set a nostalgic tone with vintage-inspired decorations and pastel colours. Use antique baby items and retro decor for a charming and timeless celebration.

21. Time to shine - Twinkle lights: Illuminate the occasion with twinkling fairy lights and soft candlelight. Create a cosy atmosphere with warm hues and glowing accents.

22. Outer space odyssey: Embark on an intergalactic adventure with outer space decorations. Use planets, stars, and rocket ships in pink or blue for an out-of-this-world reveal.

23. Rainbow surprise: Create a rainbow-themed celebration with vibrant colours leading up to the grand reveal. Finish with a burst of pink or blue for an unexpected twist.

24. Carnival fun: Bring the excitement of the fairground to your gender reveal with carnival games and colourful decorations. Treat guests to cotton candy and popcorn in shades of pink or blue.

25. Fiesta Fiesta!: Spice up the celebration with a lively fiesta theme. Incorporate Mexican-inspired decor, vibrant colours, and festive music for a fun and festive gender reveal.

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