7 hospital bag essentials Giovanna Fletcher’s packing for baby number three

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Even if you're not planning a hospital birth, it's wise that all mums-to-be pack a hospital bag during the 36-week mark. But what products are worth taking? What do you definitely need and what surprising additions will be your holy grail during labour?

One mum who's been there before is Giovanna Fletcher, who told Mother & Baby her must-have essentials that she's packed ready to go for baby number three... Plus, it's always nice to have a sneak peek at other mum's hospital bag checklists, right?


7 things Giovanna Fletcher's packing in her hospital bag

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Peppermint Essential Oil and Rose Otto Essential Oil, £8-46, Neal’s Yard

“Every night before I go to sleep during all of my pregnancies, I’ve used essential oils. Peppermint and rose otto oil are my picks for this year’s hospital bag, I find the peppermint to be quite refreshing and the rose very warming. I take the little bottles with me and put them on a bit of tissue as it calms and soothes me.”

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Eye mask, £20, Elizabeth Scarlett

"I’ll be taking an eye mask with me. This one from Elizabeth Scarlett is really gorgeous. You never know if the lights are going to be on [when you go into labour] if it’ll be daytime or nighttime, so I’ll be taking one to just add in a little bit of calm."

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Alclap battery operated fan, £10.99, Amazon

"In both pregnancies so far I’ve not used a fan, despite one always being in my hospital bag. I do think that this time around - with the heat - it might actually venture out of the bag. It’s amazing! This fan’s got little ears on it so it’s really pretty and there’s three different settings. Hopefully it’ll finally get some use this time around!"

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Jelly Babies, £1, Sainsbury’s

"Snacks are really important. We usually take some Jelly Babies with us, although Tom usually eats them all because I’m just zoned out and not focused on the snacks! It’s also nice to have some crackers for afterwards, whether it’s just a cheesy oat biscuit or something. Just having a little something while you’re feeding can be great. You don’t know how long you’re going to be in there for, or how long things will take."

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Phone charger

For me, this is an essential. You don’t want no battery on your phone when you've got to take those precious first snaps, and it's also essential to be fully powered up to tell the grandparents the good news."

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Blush pink maxi skirt, £36, Seraphine

"I’ll be packing comfy, loose clothes and still wearing maternity clothes because the bump will still be there. Seraphine does an amazing pink skirt that is elasticated at the waist but it holds you so you won’t be uncomfortable. I’ve also got some Next bottoms that are really really comfy, they’re more like jogging bottoms. Generally loose stuff is what I’ve packed, as I know I won’t want anything clingy to wear."

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Miracle Moist Shampoo, £4, Aussie

"With toiletries, I quite like to use the shampoos and conditioners that I’m familiar with and have always liked. Some people like to use more luxurious things, they might go for a more expensive shampoo and conditioner to wash their hair with afterwards, but for me, I like going back to things that I’m used to using - stuff from the supermarket that makes me feel like me. I love Aussie shampoo and conditioner and Palmolive's milk and honey shower cream. I don’t think you have to be too fancy, and these products are home comforts in tiny little bottles."

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