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If you can’t treat yourself to a little pamper during pregnancy then honestly, when can you? It’s a great time to treat yourself to some much deserved TLC before baby arrives. And as the night’s draw in and we settle down for the cosy season ahead, there’s nothing like lighting a scented candle and enjoying a warming bath to boost your mood.

Whether you’re treating yourself, or the mum-to-be in your life, we can all agree that we need the peace of mind that any products we use on our body while we’re pregnant need to be derived from natural ingredients, and not be of any harm to mum or baby.

That’s why we’ve been loving the Earth Mother range from Wanderflower. Designed for pregnancy, birth and beyond, all the products in the Earth Mother range have been made using natural ingredients to help you feel good throughout your pregnancy and your birth.

The Earth Mother by Wanderflower range includes an array of essentials to make you feel good both on the inside and outside including stretch mark oil, a bump mask, sleep mist, eye masks and more to help you reflect, recharge and reconnect with yourself during this time of exciting change.

Each product contains a variety of different essential oils to help calm you while simultaneously acting as a natural pain reliever for those pregnancy aches and pains that can arrive in the final months of pregnancy to help boost both your physical and emotional wellbeing in the lead up to the birth.

With six different products available in the range, we’ve chosen just a few of our favourites that we think you’ll love during your pregnancy. And whether it’s for Christmas or an upcoming baby shower, they also make for lovely and thoughtful gift ideas for mums-to-be too!

From insomnia to stretch marks, there are so many pregnancy symptoms that can impact many of us mums in different ways, and the Wanderflower Earth Mother Pregnancy Essentials kit has been designed to help pregnant mamas through these symptoms. Containing natural blends of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E & Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Lavender Essential Oils, this bump mask and stretch mark oil are both designed to leave any dry patches of skin feeling hydrated and your baby bump glowing.

Sleep is one of, if not the most important thing you need both during pregnancy and after baby arrives, so anything that can help us mamas get as much sleep as possible is a must have in our bedside table drawers, which is why we’ve not been able to get enough of this Earth Mother Pillow Spray. Containing a calming blend of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils, the spray helps soothe, relax and encourage restful sleep. Simply spritz your pillow and before climbing into bed for the night and breathe in all those relaxing scents.

This is the ideal gift set for the mum in your life who is in desperate need of some me time. Containing everything she needs for a relaxing night in, the set includes a calming scented candle, a body mist full of essential oils, eye mask for some much needed shut-eye and a hydrating body cream to leave the skin feeling nourished and soft.

We all know how important it is to create a sense of calm and tranquility when you’re giving birth, and this kit contains everything you need for a relaxing birth experience, whether that’s at home or in hospital. Inside, you’ll find a room mist, temple balm, muslin cloth and essential oil as well as a storage pouch you can keep everything in that will fit perfectly into your hospital bag. The products are designed to be used individually or all together depending on your own personal needs, and the natural blends of Clary Sage, Spearmint and Lavender essential oils promote feelings of relaxation and calm in preparation for birth.

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