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Not quite ready for your baby’s grand entrance into the world in nine months' time (or less!)? Don’t stress – the time might be flying by but you can save time, effort and your sanity with these clever little pregnancy apps.

There are a lot of different pregnancy apps out there offering different app features. Some have kick counters to help you keep track of baby kicks, feature lots of medical advice or hypnotherapy guidance and then there are those that will take you all the way to labour with contraction timers.

To help tailor to your specific needs, we've included apps that can help you exercise during pregnancy, track your baby’s development and even help your significant other, in just one click. Here is a list of all the best pregnancy apps every mum-to-be needs to download right this moment.

The best free apps



Featuring interactive images each week of your pregnancy, Pregnancy+ is here to support your week-by-week journey to motherhood.

Rating on the App Store: 4.8/5

Our editor says: 'Pregnancy+ app was really useful in terms of understanding how my baby was growing inside me and what was occurring in my body. As a new mum, I found this reassuring and I was also able to track my many midwife appointments, and all my extra appointments due to my gestational diabetes. I was also able to track my bump in pictures each month, which was a very sweet timeline and even a nice memory to look back on now my son is 16 months old.'

Mum, Chelsea Abbott also loved Pregnancy+
'I used Pregnancy+. It was my first pregnancy and I had all the time in the world to interact with it. I loved having a different pregnancy article to read each day on the bus to work... knowing how big my baby was compared to different fruits and picking my favourite names from the baby name book feature! Each week passing was a milestone and my pregnancy flew by. It added to the excitement of it all!'

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker means you can watch your baby grow each day with this personalised experience that will take you from conceiving through to birth.

Mum, Fiona Bolger loved the Ovia app while she was pregnant: "I used Ovia during the TTC stage all the way through to birth. I loved seeing the size of my baby compared to a fruit or vegetable!"

Rating on the App Store: 4.9/5

Kegel trainer PFM


You’re probably already fed up of everyone telling you how important pelvic floor exercises are now you’re pregnant, but if you’ve got a tendency to forget these vital workouts, this Kegel trainer will send you discreet reminders throughout your day.

With ten different exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes long, this is one app to help you get your body ready.

User Candice says "This app is simple, easy to use, with good tracking, goal setting, and reminders. It is great for long-term use - I've gone through periods where I'm not great about doing the exercises but it's easy to jump back in at whatever level feels comfortable. I'm convinced using this app through my pregnancy helped me avoid issues postpartum. You get a lot of value for the pro version, too, since it's an inexpensive one-time purchase instead of a subscription."

Rating on the App Store: 4.7/5

Baby 2 Body


Stay fit, eat well and take care of you and your baby with the prenatal and postnatal fitness and wellbeing app Baby2Body.

Brought to you by industry experts, this app is designed to support your health and wellness throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

“I love how the app is tailored for me! I am seeing positive change in my body and it is making me feel so great inside" said mum Michelle.

Rating on the App Store: 4.6/5

The bump – pregnancy countdown


This very clever baby tracker allows you to see a 3D view of your baby's development and growth and you prepare for each doctor and midwife visit throughout the pregnancy.

Each day, new baby and pregnancy-related content is uploaded to the app to help answer any questions expectant mums may have and the smart planning tool helps you prepare for every step of your pregnancy journey.

One mum said: "I used this app while pregnant with my firstborn. He was born this March. I had very little knowledge on pregnancy and found lots of information that was useful. My son had a few problems on the womb and I stressed over it because I do not do well when I don’t understand an issue and I want all the details. The bump calmed me down having unbiased straight facts and I was able to talk to mums with similar issues with this app."

Rating on the App Store: 4.8/5

The best paid-for apps for pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy will guide you through every day of your pregnancy, helping you to keep you organised and educated about the many exciting changes and developments happening in your body and for your growing baby.

Parent Melindah said: "The app itself is pretty basic so it's best to use it in conjunction with another more detailed app. However, in its simplicity, it has really good features like the kick and contraction counter plus the list for a hospital bag and baby bag. I've grown to appreciate it!"

Rating on App Store: 4.7

Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson


There’s no doubt about it, being pregnant can be overwhelming and a tad scary. If you’re struggling to keep calm and get ready for your new arrival, this meditation app could be just what you need.

Listen whenever you want and start focusing on a positive and successful pregnancy.

One mum user said: "Lots of specific points about your pregnant body and looking forwards to the birth etc and afterwards. A really lovely affirming app, brilliant!"

Rating on the App Store: 3.7/5



If getting to sleep is tricky, this app could help. With multiple sounds to choose from, including rain, wind and white noise, you can switch off and (fingers crossed) get a good night’s sleep. This might also come in handy once your little one arrives!

Maryalle said: "The sounds were great, the interface was easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. I LOVED that you could make your own playlist of your favourite sound."

Rating on the App Store: 4.2/5

The best pregnancy apps for him

Who’s Your Daddy?


The first-time dad's go-to guide, this clever little app has been written by men, for men and promises to make him laugh as he gets ready for his new arrival.

Guiding dads through the next nine months and giving him ‘peace of mind for the price of a small beer’, this is one to get him to download, pronto.

One new dad wrote: "Awesome app! Me and my wife LOVED reading those weekly captions and looking at comparisons of weight and size. Thank you for being with us our whole journey! You helped me think much more about my wife, understand what she needs and motivated me to do more research."

Rating on the App Store: 3.8/5

Looking for some apps just for dads? We've got you sorted!

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